Los Santos Transit owns and operates the public transit system that none of its city's inhabitants actually use.
— Description at Bawsaq.com.

Los Santos Transit is the transportation authority network in Los SantosSan Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks from them at the Bawsaq.com website.


Los Santos Transit operates bus services and a light rail system. It is based on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The Arrow is the name of the light rail system while the Bullet is the name of the bus system.

The Bullet

The Bullet is the name of the bus network in Los Santos. There are four colours of buses: blue, red, orange and turquoise. They can be found around the city and all of them have Downtown LS, as their destination; according to their overhead sign.

The bus system extends out of Los Santos as far as Paleto Bay, as seen in the Paleto Score Setup where Lester arrives on an LST bus from Los Santos. However, outside of this mission, LST buses cannot be seen in Paleto Bay. Another bus can be found in Sandy Shores during the mission Caida Libre, but then again, it cannot be found in there after the mission is finished.

The Arrow

Los Santos isn't famed for its public transport but, since all the locals refuse to use the Arrow subway system, at least it's quiet!
— GTAV The Manual description

The Arrow is the name of Los Santos' only light rail line. The line has 11 stations and expands through most of the largest neighborhoods in Los Santos and the incorporated city of Davis. The system is both overground and underground. The trains are based on the real-life Siemens P2000 cars.

The network starts and ends with loops at Davis and at Los Santos International Airport. An extension to Vinewood is under construction. The extension tunnels can be seen on the map when at stations or when riding the tram, and can be explored.

A full loop of the arrow system takes approximately 52 minutes in real time, or 26 hours in-game.

The LST is based on the Los Angeles County Metro Rail; the underground segment resembles the Red Line; the above ground segments are based on the light rail lines of Los Angeles.

Station canopies above ground appear to be based on some stations found on the Green Line while those underground appear to be based on Pershing Square station on the Red and Purple Lines .

Many station entrances are based on those found in the real life rail system. The Station entrances for Little Seoul and Burton stations are based on the entrance to Hollywood/Vine station , Del Perro station is based on Wilshire/Western , and Portola Drive and LSIA Parking stations closely resemble Mariachi Plaza.

According to a Weazel News radio segment, the Los Santos Transit Authority announced funding for a new street car project for $16,000,000,000. Rails will run on many popular streets, shutting them down for years during construction, and are promised to move traffic up to 3mph.

An announcement speaker can occasionally be heard in all stations. There are 15 quotes.[1]

Unlike taxis, the rail line operates normally in Director Mode and can be ridden by player characters.




Interior maps


  • The ticket machines in the ground level stations are exact copies of the real LA Metro ticket machines, even with the in-game rendition featuring the copyrighted Tap card logo on the machines.
  • It is stated in a Weazel News segment that the transit system is extremely unpopular and for "losers", but commuters still need to take it in order to avoid the dreaded Los Santos traffic.
    • It is stated in a later Weazel News segment that strippers will be located on all LST buses in the indefinite future.
  • While in LST stations, the player can hear various announcements over the PA. Despite one of the announcements asking riders to not use cell phones and computers, the player may safely use their cell phone while riding.
  • Other announcements over the PA include: "Your safety is important to us, surveillance cameras are posted, though not monitored" and "Riding a train is not an excuse for inappropriate touching, no matter how tempting."
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, the doors of the trains do not close. 
  • Unlike in Grand Theft Auto IV, the train will stop when anything is in its way, as long as the driver is alive.
  • That said, it is very difficult to do harm to the train driver, but passengers can be killed by explosions.
  • It's possible that the line "Take the Bullet" seen on the back of LST buses was mocking the Toronto Transit Commission's tagline "Ride the Rocket".
    • "Take the Bullet" also refers to being shot, likely referencing the violent crime rate in Los Santos.
  • Due to a glitch, if it is raining outside, rain may also occur inside the train (implying its roof leaks).
  • As with the Subway in GTA IV, taking the Arrow is a good way to ride out wanted levels, especially inside tunnels. However, it's still possible to take damage when the train is stopped at above-ground stations if the player stands too close to an open door. Police will not, however, enter the train cars.
  • Despite the trains being based on Siemens P2000 cars, it features bench seating oppose to the row seating on the real life variants.


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