Mp bobbie pennant

Pennant for the team appearing in the in game files

The Los Santos Raiders are (presumably) a football team appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and are based in Los Santos. They are based on the real life Oakland Raiders, who played in Los Angeles from 1982 to 1994.

Their existence is confirmed as their pennant appears in some interiors, although the colors used are red and blue, more similar to the Houston Oilers than the Los Angeles Raiders. Nonetheless, it can be presumed that they wear black and either silver or red. One of the most common pedestrians in the game (a black female in a football jersey and jeans) presumably wears gear for this team. Denise Robinson appears to wear a jersey for this team as well. In the beta version, Kendl Johnson wore a black and silver football jersey, again, presumably a Los Santos Raiders football jersey.

Players (circa 1992)

  • 31 - Croon
  • 81 - Brown
  • 88 - Crowler


  • The name 'Crowler' (the player's name on Denise's jersey) could be a reference to Vellian Crowler, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime.
  • Tim Brown is a real-life former wide receiver in the NFL who played most of his career for the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, and wore #81. Interestingly enough, this was the name of jersey that Kendl wore in the beta version.
  • The Los Santos Raiders are never referred to in game by any of the characters (story or NPC), and their name only is referred to on the pennant, presumably to avoid a dispute with the real life Oakland Raiders and the NFL.
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