The Los Santos National Guard Depot is a depot of the United States National Guard in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Ocean Docks, Los Santos, San Andreas.


The National Guard Depot is a large complex consisting of several warehouses and garages, as well as a port. The depot is completely unguarded and, similar to the K.A.C.C. Military Aviation Fuel Depot, is not a restricted area and so the player can freely explore the area. There are two main gate doors at each entrance as the road loops round the complex. The main gates are connected to walls which border between the base and the other side of the road, which is a public road. Around the base, cargo crates, containers and construction huts can be found. Several electrical pylons are seen within the complex. In the base are three garages, all of which are open, and inside are shelves with more crates loaded onto them. On the north and south edges of the base are large steps leading down to the water with large cleats for boats to dock at.

A large cargo ship is docked at the port. Two red cranes are seen hanging over the ship. It is unknown whether the cargo ship is affiliated with the base, but access to the port area from the base itself would suggest the cargo ship is related to the base.

Despite being uninhabited, the base has both pedestrian and vehicle paths, allowing police officers and cars to spawn in the area when wanted.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The depot is featured in the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, in which Carl Johnson and Ryder attempt to break into the base and steal weapons for the Grove Street Families. Carl manages to unlock the gate and load a truck with the weapons using a Forklift. Then the duo escape the base in a Mule with the National Guard pursuing them in Patriots. This mission is the only instance in which military guards and Patriots spawn within the depot.


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