The Los Santos Lifeguard is an emergency service division of the Los Santos Fire Department based in Los Santos County that provides safety to the public on Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach. They have several watchtowers located along both beaches, as well as large stations at the southeastern end of Vespucci Beach and just to the southeast of the Del Perro Pier.

Uniform and Equipment

The lifeguards are required to wear swimwear that is a bright red or orange color with the lifeguard logo on it which makes them easy to identify when in public. It can be a vest, t-shirt or undershirt with swim trunks on as pants.

The only equipment used by the lifeguard staff are binoculars, lifevests, flotation devices, stretchers and surf boards to rescue drowning victims in the ocean and first aid kits.

List of Lifeguard Stations

  • Vespucci Beach Lifeguard Station - end of Bay City Avenue, far southeast end of the beach
  • Del Perro Beach Lifeguard Station - end of Sandcastle Way, southeast of Del Perro Pier



  • Lifeguard Granger - Variant of the Granger SUV, found at several points on the beach during the daytime hours; and one always spawns parked at the large lifeguard station.
  • Blazer Lifeguard - ATV with a more utilitarian design than the regular Blazer. Found patrolling and parked on the beach during daytime hours.
  • Lifeguard Seashark - Version of the Seashark with a red lifeguard paint job. Can be found floating unoccupied just off shore in Vespucci Beach.
  • Fieldmaster dragging a rake attachment - Tractor used just after dawn to groom the beach, driven by a uniformed lifeguard.
  • Lifeguard Frogger - Version of the Frogger with a yellow paint job. Can be seen flying northwards from Pacific Bluffs to Chumash or westwards from Vespucci Beach to Del Perro Beach.
  • Squalo - Unusable variant of the Squalo parked in the compounds at both Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach and also suspended by crane at Chumash pier.



  • Lifeguards will only spawn and patrol during the daytime.
  • Lifeguards will become hostile toward the player if they catch them stealing any emergency vehicle, usually resulting in one star.



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