Los Santos Kings is a Hockey team based in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


The LSK (Los Santos Kings) are known as a failing and violent team, as mentioned in Radio Los Santos in GTA V:

"Our home team, the LS Kings has just lost another game to those Venturas assholes... But, LSK being mostly ex-gangsters and mobsters, several players of the Venturas team got beat up, and three of them are currently in Mount Zonah! Go Kings!"

The team and its logo are a parody of the real-life Los Angeles Kings.



  • The team's first appearance is in Franklin's Trailer, where Franklin wears a t-shirt with their logo.
  • Coincidentally, the NHL did not have a team in Las Vegas (the city Las Venturas is based on) until the 2017-18 season, when the Vegas Golden Knights played their first season.
  • The Los Santos Kings, alongside the Los Santos Raiders in the 3D era, are the only sports teams to share the same name as their real life counterpart.


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