The Los Santos International Airport Fire Station is a fire station of the Los Santos Fire Department in Grand Theft Auto V located at the Los Santos International Airport.


According to signage on the east-face of the building, the station is LSIA's "crash team". The Los Santos Fire Department seal appears on the the building, being the only fire station in San Andreas to use this seal as oppose to the LS County Fire Department logo. The fire station occupies a large structure just inside the western gates to the airport. 4 south-facing appliance bay doors are visible in the single level part of the structure and are permanently closed. The larger part of the structure appears to have 2 levels and has 3 roller doors that do not appear to be for appliance bay access. No appliances are present around the station.

A burnt out plane can be seen to the west of it and is obviously used for training, but despite this, fireman are not seen using it.

Between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm, a Fire Truck may be seen pulling up to the side garage entrance. A firefighter then gets out and walks to the side doors.[1] A Ripley sometimes be seen parked outside the emergency entrances, just west of door 1.[2] No other parked Fire Trucks are found at this station, however. Many fire fighters can be seen in different spots around the station during varying times of day.



  • The only instance where the "training program" is seen is during Legal Trouble.


    X:-993.8002 Y:-2357.895 Z:12.94472
  2. Ymap:
    X:-1104.396 Y:-2368.582 Z:13.56849


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