The Los Santos Forum.

The Los Santos Forum is the main stadium in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located at the southeast end of the city, in the border of East Beach and Playa del Seville, and east of Ganton. The Forum is likely home to Los Santos' professional sports teams such as the Saints, the Dribblers, the Los Santos Rimmers and the Slappers.

The Forum is also the location for a stadium race called 8-Track, since the track inside the stadium is shaped like the number 8. The stadium is unique for having a jumbo TV showing camera fly-bys around the stadium. Around the Forum, there is a gang tag which must be sprayed by the player for 100% completion.

The Los Santos Forum is based on the Los Angeles Forum located in Inglewood, though being somewhat smaller compared to its real-life counterpart.


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