The Los Santos Department of Sanitation (LSDS) is a public sanitation company operating in the city of Los Santos and Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto V.


It appears to be a subsidiary of Sanitary Andreas, since both of their logos appear on their official Boxvilles and rubbish bins. However, the LSDS variant of the Boxville was removed in the enhanced version (Xbox One/PlayStation 4/PC) version of the game and can only be found in the original Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions.

The LSDS have a scheme set up particularly in Paleto Bay called the Los Santos Residential Recycling Program. It is most likely a recycling scheme to keep the streets tidy. 



  • On the bins located across the state, there is a barcode which reads, "RSNRTH281078". The first part is a reference to Rockstar North, while the number sequence's current meaning is unknown, but is most likely a reference to something notable on the 28th of October 1978.
  • Their phone number is 281-555-0178 as seen on plastic and paper recycling bins across the city.
  • When called on the number the voice says "Your business is important to us, but nobody is here to answer the phone. Please call back later."
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