The following is a list of all Light upgrades that can be installed on any eligible vehicle at Los Santos Customs and Benny's Original Motor Works. Headlight upgrades are not listed as their prices vary from vehicle to vehicle.
Note: All Neon colours in Story mode cost $650. Hot Pink is unavailable in Story Mode.

Type Upgrade Cost
Neon Layout Front $10,000
Back $10,000
Sides $12,500
Front and Back $18,000
Front and Sides $20,000
Back and Sides $20,000
Front, Back and Sides $30,000
Neon Colour White $5,000
Blue $6,150
Electric Blue $6,225
Mint Green $6,300
Lime Green $6,375
Yellow $6,450
Golden Shower $6,525
Orange $6,600
Red $6,675
Pony Pink $6,750
Hot Pink $6,825
Purple $6,900
Blacklight $10,000
Crew $20,000