"National leader in car customization, not to be confused with the lovely people who greet you with rubber gloves on arrival at Los Santos International Airport."
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Los Santos Customs is a vehicle customization and repair shop featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can buy stocks from them at website.


Their garages serve as a replacement for the Pay 'n' Spray shops featured in previous titles. Los Santos Customs is very similar to TransFender garages in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as well as the mod shops used in Midnight Club, a video game series developed and published by Rockstar.

The player is able to lose any wanted level by entering Los Santos Customs. However, if the player is spotted by the police while approaching the workshop, then the garage door will not open for the player. It is possible for the player to kill the mechanic inside while the garage door is open, allowing the player to walk in and explore freely. However, once the shop is exited, it will be closed until the player leaves the area.

Los Santos Customs is an obvious parody of West Coast Customs, a business located in Los Angeles offering similar services, popularised in the MTV show Pimp My Ride. West Coast Customs was also responsible for producing the real-life Banshee as part of the game's promotion.

The player can "stalk" Los Santos Customs on the real life Lifeinvader, and will receive an in-game coupon for a free respray.

Garage Locations

There are four Los Santos Customs garages in San Andreas, located on:

It is possible to enter all branches of Los Santos Customs (and Beeker's Garage) on foot. The Los Santos Customs branch in Harmony and Beeker's Garage can both be accessed through a small side door to the left of the vehicle entrance, while the branches in Burton, La Mesa, and Los Santos International Airport must be accessed by parking a car far enough into the entrance that the door can't close, but not so far that the cutscenes of the car entering is triggered, before getting out of the car and walking in.

LSC as an Owned Property

The Harmony branch of the company is one of the properties available to be purchased by Franklin Clinton for $349,000 and generates a weekly income of $1,600. It is available to purchase after the mission Nervous Ron.


Upon purchasing the Harmony Los Santos Customs shop as Franklin, Hao will email the player regarding the purchase:

  • "WTF? Just heard you bought a franchise in LS Customs, man??? Crazy. Clearly your game's not as weak as I thought it was! Well I guess I can't charge you for work any more :) Just please promise me you won't make me call you boss... Say hi to that shit-talker Lamar."


If Franklin purchases the Los Santos Customs garage on Route 68, all vehicle modifications will be free, although only at that location and only for him. However, it is still possible to take advantage of this and customize other characters' Personal Vehicles for free (e.g. Michael's Tailgater and Premier, Trevor's Bodhi, Amanda's Sentinel and Tracey's Issi). To do this, players need to acquire these vehicles as Franklin; in the case of Michael and Trevor, players will need to move them and their personal vehicle close to Franklin in the game world, before switching characters and taking the car as Franklin. Amanda's and Tracey's cars, meanwhile, can be found at Michael's mansion


Prominent Appearances in Missions


"If you don't leave with polished chrome we didn't do our job."
―Los Santos Customs business guarantee
Los Santos Customs serves to provide upgrades and modifications for land vehicles. Modifications are available for both aesthetics and performance. However, care must be taken with performance upgrades as it is possible to modify some cars such that their power and torque are beyond a controllable amount; upgrading the vehicle's transmission is usually an effective counter to this. Los Santos Customs will also repair vehicles if required.


Throughout the game's progress, and as the players rank up in GTA Online, various types of car parts will be unlocked for purchase. Progressive performance upgrades are unlocked by winning races in GTA Online, as of a recent patch, these upgrades are unlocked by rank. There will be a small yellow star next to the category listing for any items that has been unlocked but not viewed.

Many of the modifications available for vehicles are based on real world aftermarket parts, particularly wheel rims. For example, the Endo V1 rims in the Sport section are based on VOLK TE37's, which are popular in the import scene.


These modifications do not change the performance of a vehicle, merely its visual appearance. Note that some of these modifications are not available on all vehicles.

Modifications include:

  • Bumpers (Front and back)
  • Exhaust
  • Grille
  • Hood
  • Horn (Stock horn, truck horn, cop horn, clown horn and various musical horns + sad trombone horn (Enhanced version only))
  • Bobbleheads (Enhanced version only)
  • Lights (Stock lights, Xenon lights and Neon lights)
  • Plates
  • Respray (Both primary and secondary colors (where applicable), including classic (gloss), matte, metallic or pearlescent paints. Chrome plating and brushed metal finishes are also available.)
  • Roll cage
  • Roof (Carbon roofs and sunstrips)
  • Skirts
  • Wheels
    • Type (Including high end, lowrider, muscle, offroad, sport, SUV and tuner wheel types)
    • Color
    • Accessories (Custom branded and bulletproof tires, as well as white, black, blue, yellow, orange or red tire smoke)
  • Windows (window tints, which are light smoke, dark smoke and limo)

Pearlescent paint requires that a metallic paint base be applied first. A second color can then be selected under the Pearlescent option, adding a tint or hue to the car. Some combinations of colors work better than others, so some experimentation is recommended.

For some vehicles, further unique modifications can be applied. Examples include various truck beds on some pickups, fuel tanks, frames, sidesteps, bodywork and fenders. Some other vehicles (such as the Karin Rebel or the Declasse Tornado) feature multiple variants, with each of these variants featuring unique mods that the other(s) cannot have.

Some Bikes have unique modification possibilities as well. Examples of these include removable fairings and assorted frames, fuel tanks, seats, rear mudguards, handlebars, mirrors and saddle bags. Additionally, the player can choose the front and rear wheel of bikes independently.

On some vehicles the overstitches of the dashboard, steering wheel and seats matches the color applied on the rims. This modification can be see on the Osiris and the Zentorno and some of other vehicles sharing the same interior.

Bonus modifications (these modifications available only in GTA Online). These modifications include:

  • Loss/Theft Prevention (Insurance and tracker)
  • Explosives (Remote Bomb and ignition bomb)
  • Crew emblems are also available, applied to the hood or the door of the vehicles.
  • Crew tire smoke.


These modifications are available on all vehicles and affect their performance in some fashion.

Possible modifications include:

  • Armor (Armor upgrades ranging from 20 to 100%)
  • Brakes (Street, sport and race)
  • Engine (EMS upgrades, level 1 to 4)
  • Suspension (3-5 options, dependent upon vehicle)
  • Transmission (Street, sport and race)
  • Turbo Tuning
  • Spoilers

After title update 1.14, spoilers positively affect the vehicle's traction.


Uncustomizable (Repair only) Customizable (Color and performance only) Highly Customizable (Color, performance and body options)



Tornado (Mariachi beater version)



Baller (Second generation; includes the Baller LE and the Baller LE LWB for the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals)





Carbon RS (The Collector's Editions)

Casco (Heists Update)

Cavalcade (Second generation)

Cognoscenti (GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals; includes the armored variant)

Cognoscenti 55 (GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals; includes the armored variant)

Cognoscenti Cabrio


Duke O'Death (PS4, Xbox One & PC Versions; single player only)

Dune Buggy


Emperor (Both versions)



Faction (Can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders)

Felon GT


Furore GT (The Last Team Standing Update)

FQ 2




Hakuchou (The Last Team Standing Update)




Innovation (The Last Team Standing Update)

Insurgent (Heists Update; non-armored version)

JB 700

Lectro (Heists Update)

Mesa (Including the Merryweather variant)



Moonbeam (Can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders)


Oracle XS


Paradise (The Beach Bum Update)



Rancher XL

Rebel (Clean version)




Roosevelt (The Valentine's Day Massacre Special Update)


Rumpo Custom (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony)




Slamvan (Festive Surprise)

Sovereign (The Independance Day Special Update)

Space Docker (Only the "Bulletproof tires" can be modified)



Stinger GT


Surfer (Both versions)

Super Diamond

Tornado (Beater version)

Tow Truck (small only)


Voodoo (Can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders; also restores the vehicle's overall condition)


Windsor (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1)

Windsor Drop (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony)

XLS (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony; includes the armored variant)


9F Cabrio

Akuma (only features exhaust modifications)

Alpha (The Business Update)




Baller (First generation)

BeeJay XL

Bestia GTS (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony)

Bifta (The Beach Bum Update)

Blade (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)


Blista Compact (PS4, Xbox One & PC Versions)


Brawler (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2)

Buccaneer (Can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders)


Buffalo S


Cavalcade (First generation)


Chino (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2; can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders)


Coquette BlackFin (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2)

Coquette Classic (The San Andreas Flight School Update)




Dubsta 6x6 (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)

Dukes (PS4, Xbox One & PC Versions)

Enduro (Heists Update; only features exhaust modifications)

Entity XF



FMJ (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony)

Fränken Stange (Halloween Surprise)


Gang Burrito (Heists Update; non-gang variant)

Glendale (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)


Guardian (Heists Update; only features Chrome exhaust modifications)




Hotknife (The Collector's Edition)

Huntley S (The High Life Update)



Jester (The Business Update; race car variant in the Festive Surprise)

Kalahari (The Beach Bum Update)

Khamelion (The Collector's Edition)

Kuruma (Heists Update; includes the armored variant)


Lurcher (Halloween Surprise)

Mamba (GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals)


Massacro (The High Life Update; race car variant in the Festive Surprise)

Nightshade (GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals)

Oracle (Second generation; only features exhaust modifications)

Osiris (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1)

Panto (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)





Pigalle (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)



Primo (Can be upgraded further in Benny's Original Motor Works from GTA Online: Lowriders)

Rapid GT

Rat Loader (Rat-Truck in the Festive Surprise; does not include truck bed modifications)

Reaper (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony; only features Spoiler modifications)

Rebel (Beater version)

Rhapsody (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)


Sabre Turbo

Sandking SWB

Sandking XL

Schafter (includes the Schafter V12 and the Schafter LWB for the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals)



Sentinel XS

Stallion (PS4, Xbox One & PC Versions; roof option now available as of Freemode Events Update)

Stirling GT (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1)





T20 (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2)


Tampa (Festive Surprise 2015)

Thrust (The High Life Update)

Tornado (Clean version)

Turismo R (The Business Update)


Verlierer (GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals)


Vindicator (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2)

Virgo (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1)


Warrener (The I'm Not a Hipster Update)


Zentorno (The High Life Update)


Zion Cabrio


LSC in GTA Online

Los Santos Customs works in the same way in Grand Theft Auto Online as it does in the game's story mode, with the added benefit of being a chop shop. Once per in-game day (48 real time minutes), players can deliver a stolen vehicle to an LSC garage in Free Mode and sell it, receiving a cash payout in return. Assuming vehicles are delivered in undamaged condition, players will receive a payout equaling 10% of the car's retail value (the price for the car when new). For example, a car that can be purchased for $30,000 will net the player $3,000 at LSC.

It should be noted that vehicles with a retail value in excess of $100,000 can only be sold if they were legally purchased by the player (e.g. from However, cheaper vehicles with a retail value of less than $100,000 can be stolen on the street and sold for profit. There are also visually modified gang vehicles that can be found in south and east Los Santos that will net a higher value payout.

Main article: Pre-Modified Vehicles

In the Enhanced Version, the player can commonly see other highly-modified vehicles spawning in some locations around the map, though the vehicles won't have any performance modifications. These NPC pre-modified vehicles in addition to the gang modified vehicles can be sold at LS Customs for a premium price. Currently active discounts on any of the parts used in the modifications will result in a relative reduction in the sale price.

Highest valued vehicles

Below is a list of vehicles that will net players the greatest payouts in GTA Online. Note that the following values will only be given if the vehicle is in undamaged condition with no active discounts on their modification parts.


Under Construction This article or section is Under Construction. Under Construction
This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
Customized by Vehicle make and Model Spawned image/location Value when sold Available
NPC Modified Benefactor Dubsta

(Gold or Chrome)

$23,750 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Vapid Dominator
Dominator GTAO Pre-Modified LaMesa LSC
$19,940 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Vapid Sandking XL

(Blue variant)

$18,495 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Vapid Sandking XL

(Yellow variant)

$17,525 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Ubermacht Sentinel XS

(Blue variant)

$17,420 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Declasse Sabre Turbo
$15,035 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Ubermacht Sentinel XS

(Yellow variant)

$14,970 Enhanced version only
Gang Modified Vapid Peyote
$12,940 All versions
Gang Modified  Declasse Tornado (Softtop)
$12,575 All versions
NPC Modified Bravado Rat-Loader
$10,750 Enhanced version only
Gang Modified Albany Buccaneer
$9,875 All versions
NPC Modified Imponte Ruiner
NPC-Modified Ruiner-GTAV-Front Quarter
$9,675 Enhanced version only
NPC Modified Bravado Gauntlet
$8,325 Enhanced version only
Gang Modified  Declasse Tornado (Hardtop)
$8,050 All versions
Gang Modified  Albany Manana
$7,520 All versions
NPC Modified BF Surfer
$2,850 Enhanced version only

Stock Vehicles

Vehicle Name Vehicle Image Value When Sold
Lampadati Felon GT
Übermacht Sentinel
Lampadati Felon
Gallivanter Baller
Gallivanter Baller (Version II)
Obey Rocoto
Übermacht Oracle XS
Ocelot F620
Übermacht Oracle
Benefactor Schwartzer

For the full list of vehicle values, see Los Santos Customs Vehicle Prices.

iFruit App

Main article: IFruit_App#LS_Customs

The real life iFruit app allows the player to order modifications in Story Mode and Online, and create custom/vanity licence plates for their Online characters Personal Vehicles.




Pre-Modified vehicles

Promotional images



  • Before the 1.17 update, there was a glitch that the section "fenders" were still marked with a star (a new feature is added), even if the player has checked all of them.
  • In the enhanced version, if the player obtains a vehicle that supports bobblehead modifications in Story Mode with trainers or glitches and brings it to Los Santos Customs, all the Halloween Surprise bobbleheads will still be available for purchase even after November 16th. This is probably a developer's oversight, since all the vehicles that support bobbleheads, normally, aren't available in Story Mode.
  • If the player spooks and kills the mechanic with occupied players inside, the players will appear, leaving them vulnerable to be killed by the player who killed the mechanic.


  • All but two of the vehicle modification shops in GTA V are Los Santos Customs outlets; the others are an independent tuning garage known as Beeker's Garage, located in Paleto Bay, and Benny's Original Motor Works, a low rider modification shop located in Strawberry.
  • If the player adds armor to their car as Franklin or the Online Protagonist, the mechanic may ask, "You got some heat with the Ballas or something?"
  • If the player drives any vehicles while wearing the Epsilon robe into Los Santos Customs as Michael, the mechanic will shout, "Kifflom!"
  • In the email he sends to Franklin upon purchasing the Harmony branch, Hao states he will no longer charge for modifications. However, modifications are only free for Franklin at the Harmony outlet, whereas Hao works at the Los Santos International Airport branch.


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