The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD) is the local county law enforcement agency operating in Los Santos County, San Andreas. The Los Santos County Sheriff is based on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The LSSD also seems to have jurisdiction to operate in Blaine County. It is unknown why their units patrol Blaine County since it is a different county. Deputies can be found doing traffic enforcement along the Great Ocean Highway, Senora Freeway, and Senora Way.


The LSSD follow a rank and structure system similar to the real world counterpart of the LASD.

Senior Management

  • Sheriff
  • Undersheriff
  • Assistant Sheriff
  • Division Chief
  • Area Commander


  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II) (Master Field Training Officer)
  • Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I) (Field Training Officer / Detective / Custody Senior Deputy)
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Spokesman
    • Elmore Thickett

List of Sheriff Stations

Main Article: Police Stations

The Los Santos County Sheriff Department is large and organized, possessing three major Sheriff Stations throughout Los Santos County and Blaine County.






The Los Santos County Sheriff officers are seen wearing a beige shirt and green pants just like their real life counterparts the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. They also wear long pants with either a long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt where their badges are displayed on the left breast. When wearing a long-sleeved shirt, they must also wear a tie. Some deputies can be seen wearing either wearing green campaign hats or brown cowboy hats, glasses, and beige body armor (kevlar).



Grand Theft Auto V

  • Their badge features a beaver in the center, instead of the bear that's in the center of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's badge.
  • At Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach, the LSSD might occasionally respond to the player's crime, rather than the LSPD.
    • This may be caused by the fact that, along the shore and in the water, the player is considered outside of Los Santos proper and, thus, the responsibility of the sheriff's department.
    • This can also happen in the outskirts of Vinewood Hills.
  • Occasionally while pursing NPCs or the player, LSSD deputies will erroniously be given LSPD voice lines and announce themselves as such. This appears to frequently happen with female deputies.
  • When deputies wear body armor, it reads "Police" as opposed to "Sheriff". This is likely a developer oversight.
  • The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office was enterable in the beta version.
  • The star on the deputies' shirts and hats appears to be based off the stars used by the El Paso County Sheriff of Texas, albeit with the red ring around the center white star colored blue.



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