The Los Santos Corkers Baseball Club is a baseball team supported by The Families in Los Santos, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


They are likely a professional level team since they carry the city's name and probably play in the GTA Universe's equivalent of Major League Baseball. They are based on the Los Angeles Dodgers, though their color scheme is more similar to the one used by the Los Angeles Angels.

Known Players

  • Duane Aller


The Corkers' stadium cannot be found anywhere in San Andreas; however, it is shown in a Logger Light commercial in Grand Theft Auto V, and is probably not depicted for gameplay reasons.



  • The name "Corkers" is most likely a reference to the act of corking, an illegal way of modifying a bat. Sammy Sosa and Albert Belle are both notable players who have been caught using a corked bat.
  • Franklin has a Corkers poster in his old bedroom in his Aunt Denise's house.
  • After saving someone from a robbery, the victim might thank you saying "I owe you. I can offer Corkers tickets!"
  • A Weazel News report on the radio says that the Corkers lost a game in extra innings; the game lasted from 4:00 pm to the crack of dawn; this might be referencing a real life game between the LA Angels and the Oakland A's, which lasted 19 innings and did not end until 1:41 in the morning.
  • According to a Logger Light commercial, Pablo Rapazar earns $28,000,000 a year and Duane Aller earns $35,000,000 a year.
  • The Logger commercial appears to be showing footage of a modified version of MLB 2K13, a game published by Rockstar's sister company, 2K Games.


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