LSCDF flag

The flag of the Los Santos Civilian Defense Force

The Los Santos Civilian Defense Force is an organization that is possibly led by Colonel Fuhrberger, based in Los Santos in the state of San Andreas. Its flag is seen hanging above Colonel Fuhrberger's bed in his room, in which it claims that its goals are "security, freedom, democracy, and family". The defense force is never seen in the game, but it can be assumed that it is one of the right-wing militia movements in the United States, based on its name, its tenets, and the fact that Fuhrberger is an anti-Communist war veteran. Their interactions with the major street gangs in Los Santos, or local law enforcement, is unknown.

Mission Appearances


  • On the flag, "security" is misspelled as "securiy".
  • The Los Santos Civilian Defense Force is probably based on the Posse Comitatus or other militia movement groups, as it appears to be a constitutional militia based on its tenets of freedom and democracy.
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