"It's time to get my old gang back together and push out those yay slanging punks!"
Cesar Vialpando

Los Desperados is the penultimate mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the final one given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Cesar Vialpando from Carl's brother's home in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl drops by Sweet's house in Grove Street and starts to talk about the hood and the rioting going on. After a short argument, Cesar arrives and says that his hood is screwed up and he needs to get his gang back together. Carl agrees and they recruit two Grove Street gang members for assistance while meeting up with three Aztecas veterans, Sunny, Hazer and Gal at Unity Station.

Upon arrival, they all start to attack the waves of Vagos gang members protecting El Corona. After clearing out the houses by the railway, they head deeper into the area through an alleyway. The Vagos manage to injure Hazer shortly before being completely cleared out. The crew head to the serious part of the district and the last wave of Vagos have gang members carrying flamethrowers and rocket launchers. CJ and the rest of the team manage to survive the gunfight, with the Aztecas taking over El Corona. Cesar and his fellow homies decide to get Hazer to a hospital and thank CJ for helping out.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Recruit a couple of Grove Street Families gang members
  • Go and meet up with the veteranos at Unity Station
  • Help Cesar and the OG's clear out the neighborhood
  • Head to the alleyway
  • Stay close to Cesar and clear out the alleyway
  • Defend Cesar
  • Finish off the last Vagos



  • Take over as much territory as possible before starting this mission, as recruiting gang members becomes difficult due to the ongoing riots. Make sure Carl has access to a four-door vehicle, as many vehicles encountered on the streets will catch fire very quickly.
    • A good tip to use is to keep CJ's home garage clear. Once you grab a car from the street, put it into the garage to automatically fix it since at this point in the game, during the riots, a good hit will usually set it on fire.
  • Heavy weaponry is recommended for this mission, such as a minigun, which can be obtained from Mike Toreno's Ranch.
    • Another good weapon is the Molotov since it has a long toss range and explodes on impact. Just make sure Cesar is not in the firing line when you toss one.
  • Cesar and his allies are immune to damage from bullets once they reach Unity Station, so the player can focus on killing the Vagos members without worrying about Cesar being killed. Despite the game instructing the player to remain close to Cesar, the mission will not fail if he is left behind during the gunfight.
  • You can also go to the territory on foot so that you can lead more Grove Street members.


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect and the final storyline mission End of the Line is unlocked. However, it can't be triggered until 20 gang territories (35% of the territories in Los Santos) have been taken over by the Grove Street Families.


Sweet Johnson is talking to someone on phone inside his house when his brother, Carl Johnson enters the house.
Sweet Johnson (on phone) Yeah, so get the place locked down. No one's gonna ruin the hood. You hear me? No one! Alright, See you.
The call was cut while Sweet was speaking.
Carl Johnson Whattup?
Sweet We almost got the hood under control, man. CJ, this is some serious shit, man.
Carl Hey, man, I know, man. I went through a lot of shit for this family since you been gone, so I know...
Sweet What? For yourself. Not for the family. Don't get shit confused, nigga.
Carl Man, you gonna give me a break?
Sweet When you stop acting like you the man. You keep yapping about what you done did, let me tell you what I done did. When Kendl needed shoes. I went out and got the money. When moms needed operation, I robbed people for the bread. While you were of Liberty City thinking of your own shit. For five years, come on man. Now you do some thing, you want a parade?
Carl Nigga' Please. That ain't fair man.
Suddenly, Cesar Vialpando enters the house, in the middle of their conversation
Cesar Vialpando Carl, man, I need your help.
Carl Johnson Man, I am kinda' busy right now. Family shit.
Cesar I helped you guys hombre. It's time you helped me and my homies. My hood's screwed up too. We got this shitty neighborhood on lockdown now.
Carl Johnson Alright, what you need?
Cesar It's time to get my old gang back together, push out those yay slanging punks, eh.
Carl I know, but I got a lot going on here in my own hood man. And I made my brother a promise.
Sweet All your brother wants you to do is to payback your debts, CJ.
Carl Alright, I hear you. I got your back - c'mon let's roll.
Carl and Cesar leave Sweet's house.
Carl So, what's the plan?
Cesar We're going to meet up with three of my veterano's over at Unity Station.
Carl Three, is that all? A'ight I am a get a couple of family boys to come through too.
CJ recruits a couple of Grove Street Families' members and heads to Unity Station to meet up with Cesar's gang members.On their way to Unity Station the following conversation takes place.
Cesar Shit's real serious, man, look at the streets, eh.
Carl Yeah, we better watch ourselves. Don't want to get caught on Ballas turf while this shit's going on. Man, Tempenny got the central to its knees.
Cesar While we here , I, eerr, I have a question to ask you.
Carl Yeah, what?
Cesar Well it's... it's personal
Carl Come on, man, we're brothers, you and me. You can ask me anything.
Cesar Okay, here goes. I want to ask Kendl the question.
Carl What's the problem? Call her, dude, here, use my phone.
Cesar Noo, holmes, THE question!
Carl What? Oh, shit you mean POP THE question. Well, I am OK with that, you know, I appreciate you asking my permission and shit, but - Nah, I know you're cool.
Cesar It's Sweet that is the problem, could you talk to him?
Carl Sure thing, Cesar, I'll talk to him.
Cesar Thanks CJ, that means a lot to me.
Cesar, CJ and his gang members arrive at Unity Station and meet up with Cesar's gang members.
Hazer (one of the Aztecaz holding a Katana) Those Vagos, man, I am gonna cut those cacos. Raspalo Hasta el Hueso!
Cesar Hey, Carnales, what's crackin' , holmes?
An Azteca in black clothes (Gal) Cesar! and you must be CJ. Cesar says you cool, so we cool, holmes.
Cesar OK. We will have to work our way through this neighborhood to get to my house. If we stand together those Vagos Pendejos don't stand a chance! Watch each others' backs amigos. Hasta la muerte!
Gal, Sunny, and Hazer (three Azteca veterans together) HASTA LA MUERTE!
CJ, Cesar and their gangsters start killing the Vagos in the neighborhood. They clear the first block of the neighborhood.
Cesar Northside Vagos Assholes.
They all make there way to the second block and kill all the Vagos.
Cesar Quickly, Go! GO!
Cesar That's the last of them. Let's move out!
They arrive in the alley way.
Cesar That was the easy bit, eh. Now we go into vipers nest. This is where it gets tough. Luckily we have a little surprise up our sleeves, eh, Sunny!
One of the Aztecaz (Sunny), pulls out a Rocket Launcher to fight the Vagos.
Carl That's a Rocket Launcher man! We'll bring the National Guard down on us.
Cesar C'mon, look around you, CJ, the whole city is war zone. C'mon, I want to take my house back!
They kill all the Vagos present in the alleyway. Hazer got injured in the process.
Cesar Shit Hazer...
The Azteca in black clothes (Gal) He is pretty bad, Cesar...
Some more Vagos jump in the alleyway through the walls.
Cesar Heads Up! (Watch it there!) More Vagos! They are coming over the walls!
As CJ and Cesar fight the Vagos some more vagos come from behind
Sunny More Vagos behind us!
They kill the Vagos and finally head towards Cesar's house to take it back from the Vagos.
Cesar Let's fucking finish this!
Carl I am with you man, let's take these punks!
One of the Vagos Find a new home, assholes, Vagos own this 'hood!
One of the Vagos holding a flamethrower. Torch those Aztecas!
CJ, Cesar and their gang kill the final wave of Vagos at Cesar's house. Cesar, Carl and rest of the gang is standing in front of Cesar's house.
Carl Alright, that's the last of 'em.
Cesar How is Hazer?
Gal We need to get him to a hospital.
Carl Hey, I'll take him.
Cesar CJ, you have done more than enough (, holmes). You should get back to Grove.
Carl Alright ese, I will see you after all this is settled down.
Cesar Thank you, CJ and good luck, my friend.


  • This is the only mission to show the conflict between the Los Santos Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas.
  • Similarly to Grove 4 Life, if CJ has reclaimed the Azteca turf from the Vagos via gang warfare prior to this mission, Grove Street will lose control of the turf and it will be reoccupied by the Vagos for the mission, before being handed back to the Aztecas upon completion.
  • Although when the mission is completed, the Varrios Los Aztecas will still confront CJ if he enters their territory. If he drives a car through their turf, they will just stand on the sidewalk and won't even chase hím. However, if he is on foot, the Aztecas will chase him. It is unknown why are they still behaving like this after the mission is completed. Probably Rockstar forgot to make them neutral to the player.

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