Lorimar ST-place
Lorimar ST-map

Lorimar Street is an east-west street that stretches for 5-blocks in Purgatory, Star Junction and Hatton Gardens in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It travels through the districts of Purgatory, Star Junction and Hatton Gardens in a strictly one way east-west direction. The locations through which Lorimar Street passes as well its proximity to certain landmarks such as the Civilization Committee Headquarters would indicate that Lorimar Street is an in-game reference to 47th Street in New York City.

Notable Landmarks



  • In the real New York City (albeit in Brooklyn) there is a similarly named and pronounced Lorimer Street.
  • This is the only exception to the fact that all horizontal streets in Algonquin are named after Minerals, however, a mineral named Larimar exists.


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