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"Circuit like lap race around the water in Vinewood Hills."
―-Race description

Loop the Lake is a Rockstar verified race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, and loops the lake of Vinewood.

It is a simple shape, following mostly the entire outskirts of the lake, until it comes to the north east corner, were the lake is no longer supported by a road on its edge. In many respects, the track resembles the kind seen in Le Mans series racing, or older Formula 1 circuits such as Hockenheim. It shares characteristics with these sorts of racing by lacking the sharp 90° turns of many other circuits.

In a properly upgraded Sports or Super car, the track can mostly be taken flat-out. The sharp right hander at the north east corner and the right hander at the southern end of the lake are the only areas where braking is advised. Lifting for some corners will help control the line.

Overtaking is best done alone the northern part of the track, where it widens out to two lanes and allows the opportunity for good racers to utilise space and slipstream (assuming you prefer to win cleanly, and without ramming).

For the final section of the track, a series of quick left/right turns leading up to the start/finish line, the fastest way through is to look to clip the apex of each turn as you cut through. You will brush a small plant in doing so, and the sound should act as your guideline.

The player must be careful when doing the race with multiple players, due to cramped space, the player has a high chance of being rammed of the road, or pushed into blockades.


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  • Some invisible walls have being reported by players, especially when the player approaches the end checkpoint.


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