For the Lombank offices in Downtown Los Santos, see Lombank Tower.

"In a radical new step towards diversification of the banking sector, industry giant Lombank is selling office space to results-driven, high-liquidity kill squads and drug cartels. Be part of the change our financial industry needs."
Dynasty 8 Executive description

Lombank West is a high-rise office building in Grand Theft Auto V.


The building is located at the intersection of Boulevard Del Perro and Bay City Avenue in Del Perro, Los Santos. The tower is based on the California Bank & Trust Building, also known as 100 Wilshire, a 21-story, 300 ft (91 m) building in Santa Monica, California.

It is one of the main offices of Lombank in Los Santos, a bank with branches in Liberty City and owned by the Bank of Liberty. Although the interior is inaccessible, pedestrians can be found inside the building.

On top of the building is a helipad. Roof access is present but only accessible in the enhanced version of GTA Online.

It plays a major role in the enhanced version of GTA Online, where it serves as an Office for Organizations. It can be expanded with an Office Garage, allowing access to the garage door located on the side of the ground floor. It is purchasable on the Dynasty 8 Executive website for $3,100,000. The player can then set up the SecuroServ network and begin Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo and launch Special Vehicle Work. The office's helipad allows the player to quickly select an aircraft and immediately spawn mid-air above the helipad, or select a ground vehicle to be delivered outside, without the need to exit the building on foot.


  • A health pack is located at the bottom of the building, next to Bluff Tower Office Complex.


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