"A classic American tasteless, watery beer; made by Rednecks for Rednecks. Now Chinese owned."
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Logger Beer is an alcoholic beverage that appears in both 3D Universe and HD Universe.


3D Universe

It appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, on radio commercials in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in the booklet of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories as part of an Ammu-Nation advertisement (alongside with Redwood Cigarettes) and is on various Steed trucks and commercials in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto IV

In GTA IV, the company has its own store located on the corner of Beaumont Avenue and Guantanamo Avenue in Industrial, Bohan.

Grand Theft Auto V

In 2013, Logger Beer was sold to Ming Ha Ling Beverage of Shanghai for 4.2 billion dollars.

The mascots for Logger Beer are a chipmunk, and, in GTA V, a stereotypical lumberjack (who bears a resemblence to Paul Bunyan); The player can see a lumberjack statue with a barrel of Logger Beer at the Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest.

They are also used as Molotov Cocktails replacing Cherenkov Vodka from GTA IV. The Logger Light logos can also be found on the sides of certain variants of Benson vans.

The player can buy stocks from them at the website in GTA V.


It is likely based on Coors Light. The name 'Logger' could also be based on Miller Lite (a logger as opposed to a miller).

Instead of "since 1874", the bottles are labeled with "born 1874". This may be a spoof on Budweiser's Born on Date.




  • It is basically a play on words as it is pronounced similarly to "lager beer".
  • According to Weazel News, "Logger Beer is made by rednecks, for rednecks".
  • Janet, the bartender of Yellow Jack Inn, always wears a Logger Beer shirt.
  • According to the Logger Beer commercial in GTA V, Logger is "the official beer of American baseball." The commercial appears to be an edited version of MLB 2K (produced by fellow Take-Two Interactive company 2K Games) with players wearing white Batting Practice-style jerseys, and billboards advertising businesses from the GTA universe in the stadium.
  • In GTA V, there is a billboard that reads "kiss my axe", referencing to the obscene expression "kiss my ass", another example of Rockstar's crude humor.
  • The beer is mentioned to have low calorie in Republican Space Rangers.
    • Its narrator says that President Zane invited the Rangers for "a low calorie beer" and in fact, they are holding Logger beer bottles which are labelled as "Logger Light".
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