"The yay leaving San Fierro, right?"
Carl Johnson

The Loco Syndicate Drug Courier, otherwise known as the Yay Courier, is one of two related side missions in GTA San Andreas dealing with the Loco Syndicate's drug smuggling operation, the other being Big Smoke's Cash. It's triggered by a phone call from Cesar every Wednesday and Saturday after CJ-and-friends flee Los Santos but before Loco Syndicate's Crack Factory is destroyed. It is not required for 100% Completion.


Cesar may call CJ to notify him of a drug shipment leaving San Fierro. The player can then accept or decline the mission without consequence. If accepted, the mission consists of pursuing an off-roading courier carrying a backpack full of drugs. Once the target is killed, the player must then recover his backpack. The end mission payout depends on the total percentage of drugs in it; the more drugs remaining, the higher the pay.

CJ will only receive the phone call for this mission if he is on foot. Otherwise, he will miss the call, and an onscreen message may be displayed at some point which reads "you received $0 from the courier, you can try again every Wednesday and Saturday".


  • Up to $2000 can be stolen from the Yay Courier during each mission.


  • The Yay Courier "leaving from San Fierro" can actually spawn anywhere on the outskirts of Los Santos when the phone call is received - between Angel Pine, Flint County, and Shady Creeks.
  • The drug being carried by the Courier is likely Crack-Cocaine, as this is the primary drug that Big Smoke is pushing into Los Santos. Also, when damaged, the courier's backpack will leak a white powdery substance, consistent with the appearance of Cocaine.
  • The courier uses the alternate model of the Parachute as a stand-in for his backpack. This model of the Parachute can be seen in the instructional videos of Pilot School and is used by the San Fierro Triads in the mission, A Home in the Hills.
  • If the player knocks the courier off the bike for whatever reason and attacks him, the courier will start shooting at CJ with a Pistol.
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