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Those maricon bastards have our money! THAT'S MY MONEY!
— Catalina

Local Liquor Store is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which Carl Johnson attempts another robbery with his crime partner, Catalina.


Carl and Catalina arrive at P Hat Liquor in Blueberry, but some other robbers get there, and take the money from the store. Carl and Catalina give a chase.


You will be on a Quad which has been taken from one of the four bandits (or, alternately, a vehicle of your choosing - see Trivia, below), and you have to chase the other three bandits in order to take the money. Be careful though, as the Quad is wobbly at times, but is a good off-road vehicle. Follow them, and either let Catalina kill them, or help her out by shooting forward your SMG. Once you have killed a bandit, he may drop a briefcase, but continue pursuing the other bandits and get back on the briefcase later. Continue killing them while on your Quad. Once you have killed all, collect the two briefcases dropped by two bandits, and make your way back to Catalina's Hideout in Fern Ridge.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Chase and kill the bandits
  • Pick up the briefcase
  • Take Catalina back to the hideout


The reward is $1000. The mission Made in Heaven is also unlocked.

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  • The quad has very poor handling off-road and a tendency to roll over. Fortunately, unlike many other "race"-like levels, the vehicle you arrive in does not disappear after the cutscene, and there is sufficient time to exit the quad and enter your vehicle of choice. If you have high motorbike skills, a bike like the FCR-900 is an excellent choice for this mission.
  • If this mission is chosen as the first robbery (for the First Date mission), during the opening cutscene when Catalina says "This place will be a walk in the park", CJ will simply reply "OK, Let's just take it", instead of "You mean like the last place?".
  • The bridge jump that takes place during the chase counts as a Unique Stunt Jump (a second jump award is given for jumping the bridge in the opposite direction, something that an unaware player might do when backtracking to pick up the suitcases).
  • If the player chases the robbers for too long, they will arrive at the rural yard in the hills of Las Colinas and attempt to kill CJ and Catalina.
  • The bandits are usual NPCs which can spawn throughout Red County.
  • It is not necessary to kill all of the robbers, only those that carries the two packages. Once the packages are collected and returned to Catalina's hideout, the mission ends successfully even if there are survivors. However, if any robbers carrying any of the packages survive to their hideout, the mission ends in failure.
  • It is possible and much easier to obtain the packages by destroying the Quads with a powerful weapon such as the AK-47, or, if possible, an explosive.
  • During the chase sequence on the Quadbike, CJ complains about Catalina firing her weapon too close to his ear. Even if the player uses a car during the chase, he will still complain.

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