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Loan Sharking is a business in the Empire Building feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


When you're building this racket, these are the choices:

  • Small-time: $2000
  • Medium Venture: $3900
  • High-roller: $5800

Note: This and two other businesses (Protection Racket, and Prostitution) can be constructed without access to Vice Beach.

An Admiral will spawn outside as the gang car.

Empire Mission

To start the mission enter the premises, approach a gang member and press the R3 button (PS2) or the Up button (PSP). The mission for this site is to repossess two vehicles. PCJ 600s, and Bensons. These are the only two vehicles to take so it will switch back and forth to the other vehicle. The mission is simple but sometimes the owners of the cars will get out and start shooting at you, or try to hit you with a melee weapon.

The Bensons contain valuable cargo and therefore must not be destroyed. To take over the vehicle, simply collide another vehicle into it and the driver will get out and either flee or attack. The easiest way to obtain the PCJ 600 is to do a drive by and shoot the driver off the bike, or stand in the road and shoot from there if you can get ahead of the vehicle.


  • Increased income: Complete all fifteen levels.
  • New Reputation: Crim Reaper, complete all fifteen levels.
  • New Outfit: Repo-Man Outfit, once you buy a High-roller Loan Shark business. Available at every safehouse.

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