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Cut yourself some musical pie. Turn on, tune in, drop out with Lo-Fi.
— Station jingle

Lo-Fi FM is a commercial radio station in the Industrial District of Anywhere City in Grand Theft Auto 2. The station plays funk, classic soul and classic rock and is hosted by DJ Dai, a Welsh guy who doesn't seem to have any ties to the gangs in the area.


Lo-Fi seems to be meant to be an oldies radio with a limited budget and low fidelity equipment, which could explain its name.

Through his dialogue, we know that DJ Dai is in terminal condition and will soon die. His name may also be a pun on "die" and the Welsh dialect's pronunciation of "Dai". As he explains, he was rambling on the hills when he was hit by a pick up truck. The surgeon assured him "most people survive... for a little while at least". He then invites listeners to his own funeral, and reveals that the songs being heard on the radio are what is going to be played at the funeral. He says that after his death he will become a "spiritual DJ" as his recorded dialogue will continue being broadcasted on Lo-Fi FM (which could also mean that he's already dead and we're hearing the recorded dialogue he left before dying).


The year of release for these songs is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the songs, at the side, in superscript.



  • During the news report, it plays CCC Featuring Robert DeNegro's "Blow Your Console", from N-CT FM in GTA.

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