Little Teapot is a tea and coffee house in Grand Theft Auto V.


They sell imported teas, coffee and food. Their slogan is "The finest organic and free range teas exploited from the third world", possibly parodying real-life coffee houses which supposedly sell free-trade organic coffee.

Their menu, which is visible in the windows but barely legible unless viewed at night, lists Espresso, Coffee Drip, Coffee Alternatives and Signature Coffee. Bags of coffee or tea can be seen on shelves indicating they sell them to customers to take home and make their own.

It is most likely based on the Urth Caffe, an organic coffee company from Los Angeles. It could also have been influenced by Caribou Coffee or Starbucks.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Franklin Clinton can spawn here when switching to him, checking out a passing art student NPC.




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