For the park for which this Deathmatch is set in, see Decker Park.
"Watch out for the skaters and ballers... Or not."

Little Seoul Park is a Rockstar Verified Deathmatch in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 16 players.


The deathmatch is based in Little Seoul, in a small park, Decker Park, located between San Andreas Avenue and Vespucci Boulevard. Props available for cover from gunfire include Dumpsters and Snacks Trailers, as well as the pre-available Skateboard ramps and bench facilities.

There are many cars available in the area, including, Voltic, Coquette, Banshee and Stinger GT. The cars seem to be based around an expensive and exotic marking, making the cars perfect for speeding around the park, and reaching cover from enemies.

Weapons available are also quite powerful, like the Assault Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and RPG, as well as common weapons such as the Micro SMG, Assault Rifle and Combat Pistol. Overall, it leaves a large choice for the player to decide on which weapon they desire.


GTAO-Little Seoul Park Map
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