Postcard for Little Seoul, as seen in the GTAV digital manual.

"A bustling Korean enclave packed with cafes, convenience stores, bars and mysterious businesses open 24/7 that you need to knock on a door to get into. Little Seoul is an up-and-coming neighborhood for foodies, students getting wasted on soju and gang members."
GTAV digital manual

Little Seoul is a neighborhood of Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The neighborhood is bordered by Rockford Hills to the north, Downtown and South Los Santos to the east, Vespucci to the west and La Puerta to the south.


Satellite view of Little Seoul.

Little Seoul is a Korean-influenced neighborhood, even though the Los Santos Triads have some territory. Asian companies such as Kayton or WIWANG are headquartered here, and there are also many smaller Korean businesses and shops present, ranging from grocery stores to Internet cafés to even a 24-7 shop with a Korean sign. It is presumably a middle class neighborhood, with an ethnically diverse population. Several stores have neon signage written in Korean, making Little Seoul have a distinct atmosphere reminiscent of the real Seoul in nighttime.



Little Seoul is based on the Koreatown district of Los Angeles however many of the buildings are based on those in the Wilshire district.

Gang control

  • The Korean Mob and the Chinese Los Santos Triads can be found here. They tend to congregate at an apartment complex across the street from the car wash/convenience store, on Ginger Street.

Places of Interest


Roads and Streets



  • A sign showing the direction of Little Seoul can be seen in the GTA V preview trailer.
  • In real-life, Seoul is the capital city of South Korea.
  • The name 'Arirang Plaza' could have been inspired by the Arirang Mass Gymnastics Display that takes place every year in Pyongyang, North Korea.


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