Little Portola, as seen from Portola Drive.

Little Portola is a high-end shopping and dining center in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Little Portola is bordered by Portola Drive, Eastbourne Way and Carcer Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. It is a European-style alleyway filled with high-end businesses. Little Portola is based on Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Events of GTA V

In the mission Casing the Jewel StoreMichael visits Vangelico with Lester to examine its security system, as a heist preparation for the The Jewel Store Job

Michael and Franklin manage to take a significant amount of money worth of jewelry from the store during The Jewel Store Job. 

In Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry, Trevor chases Kerry McIntosh's dogDexie, taking her bejeweled collar.

People of Interest

  • Baygor can be found at the northern end, near the intersection of Eastbourne Way and Portola Drive.



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