Little Mexico is a very small district located slightly to the east of the city centre of Los Santos. Surrounding this area are the districts of El Corona, Idlewood and Commerce. Just to the south is Unity Station. Little Mexico is presumably based on Olvera Street in Los Angeles and has Mexican style architecture. The district is controlled by the Varrios Los Aztecas and there are no known residents located within Little Mexico.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Little Mexico plays a very small role in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas storyline, as there is very little that occurs in the district. There are no stores, weapons or stationary vehicles inside the district, and the only place of note is a small loading bay area and a church. This is also the area where Carl Johnson can go to begin street races in Los Santos.



  • Beta version of this map features only 2 buildings (Marked as a white rectangle and squares).


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