Little Havana in GTA Vice City, as viewed to the southeast at night.

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Little Havana location

Little Havana is a district in Vice City, Florida. It is on the mainland, adjoining the districts of Vice Port, Escobar International Airport, Little Haiti and Starfish Island (the last of which is connected by a road bridge).



According to a MeTV broadcast, Little Havana was "long synonymous with gang presence" and was "a prime example of the problems of the American social policy for the last thirty years".


In 1984, Little Havana is controlled by a Mexican gang known as the Cholos. According to MeTV, the gang rivalry in the area used to be low-key and primarily between the Cholos and the Trailer Park Mafia, but had recently became a three-way rivalry involving The Cubans, it is also reported by Phil Herrick that the Cubans and the Trailer Park Mafia were working together in order the drive the Cholos out. The Cubans appear to be feuding with the Cholos for control of Little Havana and at the same time, Trailer Park Mafia leader Marty Williams is fighting against the Cholos for control of the criminal activity in the area. The area comes under Cuban control when the Cholos' warehouse in Little Haiti is destroyed by the Cubans with the assistance of Victor Vance, effectively driving the Cholos from Vice City.

There is a mural of Cuban leader Umberto Robina on a wall, designed to resemble rebel leader Che Guevara, with the words "Libre Havana" (Free Havana) beside it.

Little Havana is also the location of four Empire Building sites.


In 1986, Little Havana is still controlled by the Cubans but their gang rivalry is now with the Haitians, with the Cubans defending their territory from the Haitians while simultaneously attempting to take over their territory in Little Haiti. Tommy Vercetti helps the Cubans in their rivalry against the Haitians but inadvertently fights against the Cubans for the Haitians after being drugged by Haitian leader Auntie Poulet. After severing ties with Poulet, Tommy helps the Cubans one final time by destroying the Haitians drug factory, strengthening the Cuban control of the area.


The Libre Havana mural.


The area is based on the Miami neighborhood of the same name.



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