Little Haiti is a neighborhood in Vice City.


Little Haiti is noted to be more run-down than Little Havana, with the presence of poorly maintained buildings, low-wealth businesses and smaller homes. The gang's solvent factory, located at the west side of Little Haiti, was destroyed in a Cuban ambush, aided by Tommy Vercetti. A large printing press, which would be purchased by Tommy Vercetti later in the storyline for money counterfeiting, is located at the border between Little Haiti and Little Havana. Phil Cassidy's home and weapons armory is located on the northwest end of Little Haiti. Kaufman Cabs, a local taxi cab company, is also based in Little Haiti, located a block north of Auntie Poulet's shack. An area within Little Haiti has its own zone name: Junk Yard. It consists of equipments and vehicles associated to junk yards in real life.


Little Haiti is based on the real-life neighborhood of Miami with the same name.

Gang control

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (1984), Little Haiti is under control of the Cholos street gang that at the time also controlled Little Havana. The Cholos were presumably to be wiped out after their weapon warehouse was destroyed by Victor Vance and the Cubans leaving Little Haiti open for the Haitian control which takes place two years later.

Notable residents


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



  • There are billboards found around Little Haiti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City advertising it as a beach neighborhood. This is ironic since Little Haiti is essentially the ghetto of Vice City, being the most rundown neighborhood in the city. These billboards are absent in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
    • The slogan on these billboards - "LIFE'S A BEACH" - is a reference to the saying "life's a bitch", further evidenced by the fact that the "EA" in the slogan has been written over with "IT" by a vandal, making it actually read "LIFE'S A BITCH".
  • Other than the Haitian gang themselves, there are no pedestrians who speak with Haitian accents or Haitian Creole, or appear to be distinctly Haitian; though there are large numbers of black pedestrians who will spawn in this area.


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