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The world's on fire, man, when you swallow down Lithium!
— Station jingle

Lithium FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2, it is hosted by Spaz Funbags (voiced by Fred Newman) and plays techno, classic soul, dance and Christian pop.


Lithium can only be heard in the Downtown District. It plays a random array of music, consisting of techno/dance music, Christian pop and classic soul. The mixed genre nature of its playlist is a reference to its mentally unstable owners, the Loonies gang, which have this station as their favorite.

Spaz, like the Loonies, seems to be schizophrenic, and speaks in varying voices and pitches, making eccentric dialogues. However, he seems genuinely angry when the audio machine chews the record Tammy Boness & The Swingin' Mammaries' "The Diner", cutting the song short.

After the mission "Radio Za-Za!", the Zaibatsu Corporation is stuck listening to this station, because Futuro FM's building in the Downtown District is gone.


The year of release for these songs is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the songs, at the side, in superscript.


  • After "F.A.G. Filter", Spaz says "let's have another hit" and he plays, although briefly, 2 songs from GTA: Slumpussy's "This Life", from N-CT FM, and Stikki Fingers' "4 Letter Love", from It's Unleashed FM.
  • During the news report, it plays Da Shootaz's "Grand Theft Auto", from N-CT FM in GTA.
  • Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir's "God Bless All The Universe" contained profanities during the Beta stages of development, which were cut for the final version.
    • In Lips 106, a radio from GTA III, an advertisement sampling the songs that can be heard in the station starts with the intro of this track.
  • The radio of GTA Advance includes an instrumental version of Voice Box's "Computer Lust".