In the 3D Universe, Streets were rarely assigned a name. In the HD Universe, due to the increased level of detail, almost every street has a name, which is useful for establishing locations.

Liberty City (3D Universe)

Vice City (3D Universe)

State of San Andreas (3D Universe)

Los Santos (3D Universe)

Flint County

San Fierro (3D Universe)

Bone County

  • Main Street, Fort Carson [citation/verification needed]

Las Venturas (3D Universe)

Liberty City (HD Universe)

Various street names within Liberty City follow certain themes:

  • All horizontal streets within Algonquin are named after minerals. They are also ordered in alphabetical order from south to north.
  • All avenues within Algonquin are named after current or former capitals of states in the United States. They are also ordered in alphabetical order from east to west.
  • All avenues in Bohan are named after prisons of the United States.
  • Several streets in Broker are named after members of the British rock band, The Beatles:
Alderney Algonquin Bohan Broker & Dukes

San Andreas (HD Universe)

Los Santos County Blaine County Numbered Highways in San Andreas

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  1. EastMonroeAvenue-GTAIII-Source

    Staunton Island Police Headquarters address seen on the official GTA III website (Flash version).

  2. Location of the Jefferson Street Credit Union Building.
  3. FairbanksAvenue-GTAIII-Source

    Shoreside Vale Police Station address seen on the official GTA III website (Flash version).

  4. PortlandBoulevard-GTAIII-Source

    Trenton Police Department address seen on the official GTA III website (Flash version).

  5. During The Getaway mission, the street is referred as the "main drag":
    "Get to the bank on the main drag."
    — Leone
  6. Sex Club 7 Ad

    Sex Club 7 advertisement seen on the official GTA III Liberty Tree website.

  7. Location of the 101 Bayshore Avenue.
  8. Name taken from the V-Rock Recording Studio sign.
  9. Location of the 1102 Washington Street.
  10. Name visible in a generic door texture.
  11. Location of the 6th Street Plaza
  12. Name visible on numerous texture files e.g. On Guadalajara Jewelry Plaza here.
  13. 13.0 13.1 13.2 Name taken from the BF Motors advertisement.
  14. Location of the Fifth Ave Antiques.
  15. Texture on Video Preview & News store
  16. Pik N' Go Market texture file address.
  17. Seville Boulevard Families territory.
  18. Interior texture visible inside every Burger Shot
  19. Temple Drive Families territory.
  20. Name taken from the Big Pointy Building sign.
  21. Name taken from the Manhunt 2 manual.


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