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A crew has been bringing coke into the city and selling to my competitors. I want to know who they are and which cartel is supplying them. There's a deal going down in Mission Row, that would be a good place to start.
— Description

Lines of Coke is a cut mission from Grand Theft Auto Online which would have been given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It would have been available for 1 to 4 players. It is very similar to The Los Santos Connection.


The player(s) must go to a drug deal taking place in a parking garage in Little Seoul, and would go to check the GPS of a Boxville, guarded by enemies, to get a location of the enemy.

That location is at a depot in El Burro Heights (the same depot as in The Los Santos Connection), and whilst there, the team must hack a laptop to find the supplier of the coke.

This would take them to the Devin Weston hangar at Los Santos International Airport. From there, the player(s) must destroy two "objects" (which, once destroyed, will be referred to as "safes", but which are actually a large fuel container and a RON oil barrel), which are guarded by more members of the enemy cartel. Once those are destroyed, the player(s) must destroy the enemy Boxvilles and Cuban 800s. Once they are destroyed, the player(s) must destroy a Shamal on one of the runways. Once it is destroyed, the mission is completed.

Video Walkthrough[]


Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Lines of Coke 1 Mission Part70 KG


Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Lines of Coke 2 Mission Part71 KG


  • The name of this mission is a reference to a common method of snorting cocaine, in which powdered cocaine is arranged in "lines" prior to being inhaled by the user.
  • All of the vehicles in the hangar that are required to be destroyed are referred to as "planes" once they are destroyed, even though some of them are Boxvilles.
    • Similarly, the Shamal on the runway is referred to as a "vehicle" before it is destroyed, and a "supplier" afterwards.
  • Although this mission (as well as all other cut Grand Theft Auto Online missions) did not provide any monetary reward for its completion, there are a large amount of drugs found in supply crates at the enemy locations (like in The Los Santos Connection), which will earn the player(s) who pick them up a substantial amount of money.
  • This mission, along with other cut missions, was revealed in a Rockstar game server issue in late 2013 and early 2014. Most of the time they failed to download when attempted to start, but on rare occasions they started successfully.
  • It is unknown whether this is an early version of The Los Santos Connection, or planned to be a separate mission entirely.
  • Whilst the mission description says the deal is taking place in Mission Row, in actuality, it takes place in Little Seoul.


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