For the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars limousine, see Limo.

The Limousine is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto 1.


Grand Theft Auto 1

The Limousine is the limo version of the Brigham, having an extended chassis, a sunroof and an antenna on the trunk.

The Limousine has several variants; in Liberty City there is only a blue Limousine, in San Andreas there is an orange version, as well as a blue version with a dragon design painted on it (this is apparently used by the Yakuza), and in Vice City there is only a red version of the Limousine.


Grand Theft Auto 1

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Grand Theft Auto 1

  • Can be found in the three main cities.
  • The first variant is featured in mission Phone 8, in which the player has to steal the mayoress' Limousine.
  • Three pieces of the second version appears in mission Phone 21-Part 1, in the courtyard of Mike Tallon's mansion; they are drivable, though may despawn if they get off the screen.
  • The Yakuza version is featured in two missions. In mission Phone 11-Part 2, the protagonist has to take Yakuza's rigged Limousine to Hang Yu's garage so he can disarm the bomb, and then drive it back. During mission Phone 22-Part 2, El Burro orders the player to destroy three Yakuza limos, and steal a fourth one.
  • The third standard version of the Limousine appears in no less than ten missions. In mission Phone 26, the player has to hijack one, have it fitted with explosives, then pick up a stripper, and kill her by blowing up the car. During mission Phone 33, Deever orders the protagonist to wreak havoc on a major drug deal, and take the two limos packed with drugs. In mission Phone 34, a doctor has to be taken to an abortion clinic and back by a Limousine. During mission Phone 37, chapter-boss Samuel Deever himself has to be collected and taken to his safehouse by a limo. In mission Phone 39, four Limousines block the way to the park in Vice Shores, where a deal is going on between El Burro and the Rastas; jumping over or getting in any of the limos makes the gangsters attack – so they can be lured away. During mission Phone 40, the player has to find and steal the First Lady's Limousine, take it to a house, then to a bomb shop, and drive it back to kill the First Lady. In mission Phone 42, the High Priest of Babylon (who is probably the President of the United States) must be killed in his Limousine. During mission Phone 45, a Limousine at Deever's safehouse must be blown up, what will cause the building to do so. In mission Phone 48, two limos spawn at the entrance of the graveyard upon attacking Babylon men; both will despawn when the mission is completed. During mission Phone 50, three Limousines of Babylon must be destroyed in Vice Beach.


  • The vehicle was originally called Limo. [citation/verification needed]

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