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light machine gun is a type of weapon that are more powerful and accurate than Submachine Guns and even Assault Rifles. They have a long range and the fastest rate of fire of most automatic weapons.

Although an LMG is meant to be carried by one individual, those are very heavy, restricting the player's movement compared to other weapons.

In the Grand Theft Auto series, light machine guns generally covers large automatic weapons with low mobility and high recoil, but good fire rate and ammo capacity. Some of the weapons are based on General-purpose machine gun, which can be adapted into both light machine gun and medium machine gun roles.

List of weapons

Image Name Description First Appearance
Gusenberg Sweeper The Gusenberg Sweeper is a large submachine gun with good fire rate and damage, but its defaul capacity of 30 rounds makes it the lowest capacity of all LMGs.

Even though it is technically based on a submachine gun, it is considered a light machine gun, possibly attributed to its sheer size compared to most submachine guns.

Grand Theft Auto V (Valentine's Day Massacre Special)
M60 The M60 is a large machine gun with great damage and good accuracy, while having a large capacity of 100 rounds, being one of the most versatile LMGs in the series. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
MG The MG is the most basic LMG available in the game, with a default capacity of 54 rounds. It serves as an upgrade over small firearms, but its effectiveness is somewhat lower compared to assault rifles. Grand Theft Auto V
Combat MG The Combat MG, also known as the M249 and Advanced MG, is a powerful LMG with a greater capacity of between 100 and 200 rounds per magazine. Its properties make this gun mostly effective against targets on foot, with good fire rate, damage and accuracy, at the expense of low mobility and high recoil. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Combat MG Mk II The Combat MG Mk II is an upgraded version of the Combat MG, being a bit more powerful. Grand Theft Auto Online (Gunrunning)
Unholy Hellbringer The Unholy Hellbringer is a futuristic machine gun that shares most of its properties with the Combat MG without attachments. While it has high recoil and moderate accuracy, it has higher fire rate and does not reload, as all of its ammunition is fed directly to the gun. Grand Theft Auto Online (Arena War)

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