"We have invented something no one else has thought of. A small personal computerised device. Now you're able to stay docked twenty-four seven. On the bus. You can dock. On the subway. Stay docked. You can be docked in at home, and at the same time, you're docking with some kids at the public pool. We went to the guys at Fruit Computers and we told them we wanted to make our hardware as compatible as possible... Now you can dock your Lifeinvader to an iFruit or any other device, and it'll take all the data off and reformat it into Lifeinvader-friendly information."
―Jay Norris

The Lifeinvader Phone is a prototype mobile phone in the HD Universe. It is manufactured by Lifeinvader. The only prototype was destroyed by Lester Crest in order to kill Jay Norris.


The Lifeinvader Phone seems to be a high-end phone. It has touchscreen capabilities along with the ability to "dock", which means to share info on Lifeinvader. The phone was meant to be compatible with other devices such as the iFruit.

The Phone is first mentioned in an internet news article from Los Santos Meteor after the mission Repossession. In the article, Jay Norris describes the phone as "game-changing", "totally creat-iv-spiring" and "the result of a lot of blue-sky hammock time".

GENERAL: Wi-Fi-Internet connection
SOUND: Vibrations, Ringtones
DISPLAY: Multi-color


  • In another instance of crude sexual humour used by Rockstar, the phone's data-sharing feature is known as "docking", and that the user can "dock with some kids at the public pool." Docking is a homosexual act where a man sticks the head of his penis in the foreskin of another man's penis.
  • Jay Norris mentions that the mobile device is "something no one else had thought of"; a blatant non-truth as smartphones are available and used by all three protagonists. This is likely a reference to Apple Inc. and accusations that they often claim to be the first to do something when other companies have done similar products and features already.


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