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The Lifeinvader Office houses the headquarters for the online social networking service and company Lifeinvader in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The building is bordered by Boulevard Del Perro, Dorset Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.

It is based on the Sonya Dakar Building in Beverly Hills, California. The exterior of the office features numerous signs displaying the company's logo.


Just inside the entrance to the building is a white locker, plant and the company's logo. Two signs to left warn visitors and personel that they are subject to search and forbidden to smoke. In the hallway there are six doors; four of them marked as Invader Zone, Yoga Zone, Tech Stop and Sweat Lounge.

On the second floor are QUB3D machines, a leather couch, bean bags and various posters, including "We want your data", "Time to dock around" and "Keep calm and carry on sharing". In the hallway are three doors marked as Invader Cafe, Imagineering Room and Free Thinking Tank.

The radio station playing inside the demo room is Radio Mirror Park.

After Jay Norris's death in 2013, security in the office was increased with a few Gruppe Sechs Security Guards and two surveillance cameras. This continued to be part of their operating procedure in 2018.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

  • Friend Request - Michael waits at the back of the office's entrance as Rickie Lukens, a Lifeinvader employee, walks outside for a smoke and lets him in, asking to resolve the endless pornography pop-ups on his computer. After solving the problem, Michael manages to find the prototype and plant the explosive. This is the only time in the game that the office is accessible.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

After Hours

  • Targeted Data - The protagonist has to park their Terrorbyte on the north side of the building, then send a drone inside to hack two computer terminals in order to determine the location of a target to assassinate. During the mission, the player can explore two floors and several offices with the drone, or on foot though the latter triggers attacks from security guards and a wanted level.




  • The player can glitch into the building by going on the roof and switching characters, and then switching back. The player will fall through the world, therefore not allowing for a closer look.
  • If the player goes up the reception desk, the receptionist will say things such as "Have I got all your bio signature stats? The algorithm needs them to monitor your creativity." Employees will also greet the player if they go near them, and are generally friendly.
  • Rickie Lukens labels the building as the "IT dungeon".
  • The Lifeinvader office's interior design, employees, and overall quintessence are based on the real life offices of Google Los Angeles and San Francisco.