"Social networking and data mining service. The reason the world never gets anything done any more."
― Description at

Lifeinvader is an online social networking service and company in Grand Theft Auto V.[1] They are also featured on the LCN stock exchange website.


It was founded by CEO Jay Norris in his parents' house. According to him, the average Lifeinvader worker's age is 14.4 years.

Lifeinvader is a largely popular social networking site that was either created, or spiked in popularity, between 2010 and 2013, as there is no evidence of its existence in Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes, nor Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which are set in 2008 and 2009, respectively. It allows its users to post blogs and "stalk" (a take on Facebook's "like") others to receive their posts and updates on their timeline. As of 2013, Lifeinvader had reached a billion registered users.

Each of the three GTA V protagonists have their own viewable Lifeinvader profile. Throughout the story, characters will post on their timelines regarding events that took place during missions. As an easter egg, Niko Bellic has a profile, however it is only viewable on Jimmy's laptop screen and cannot be accessed on the in-game internet. Several other GTA IV characters also have profiles.

Their headquarters, known as the Lifeinvader Office, are located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos, and are made accessible in the mission Friend Request. It is based on the Sonya Dakar Building in Beverly Hills, California. Suspiciously, there is some whiteboard writing in the offices that reads "IAA backdoor."

The Lifeinvader can also be found online at the Social Club, which re-skins the player's Social Club profile with a Lifeinvader theme.

Stalking Perks

The real-life website lets the player stalk in-game businesses for in-game perks:


It is a parody of Facebook, while the interface is based on the old Facebook Wall instead of the current Timeline.

Its name is a joke referring to invading other people's lives, also known as stalking (which incidentally, is also Lifeinvader's analogous term to Facebook's "Like"). It may also be a reference to the lack of privacy in social networks. The website also satirizes internet memes.


Lifeinvader efriend

Lifeinvader also manufactures a tablet known as the "efriend". Not much is currently known about it. It may be parodying the unsuccessful, real-life Facebook Home phones, and the Fleshlight Launchpad (an iPad case that has a fleshlight installed), which were phones optimized for Facebook and having integrated options for the social network. It currently sells for $799, though the player cannot buy it.

According to the released commercial, the device appears to be a combination between a regular tablet and a fleshlight that can be used to "Dock" with other users in the social network. "Docking" is a sexual term for putting a man's penis on another man's penis. This is another example of Rockstar's sexual humor.

Lifeinvader Mobile Device

Main article: Lifeinvader Phone

Jay Norris introducing the Lifeinvader Phone.

"We have invented something no one else has thought of. A small personal computerised device. Now you're able to stay docked twenty-four seven. On the bus. You can dock. On the subway. Stay docked. You can be docked in at home, and at the same time, you're docking with some kids at the public pool. We went to the guys at Fruit Computers and we told them we wanted to make our hardware as compatible as possible... Now you can dock your Lifeinvader to an iFruit or any other device, and it'll take all the data off and reformat it into Lifeinvader-friendly information."
―Jay Norris

Lifeinvader was planning on making its own cellphone. It was supposed to be compatible with other competing devices such as iFruit and steal data off of them. However, the prototype was destroyed by Michael De Santa (by order from Lester Crest) in an effort to kill the CEO Jay Norris.


Unlike Lester's other assassination missions, - there the targeted company's stock will eventually rebound to its former levels, with great potential for the player's profit - Lifeinvader stock never recovers throughout the course of the story mode.

Lifeinvader users

Full Profiles

Avatar Person/Business In-Game eyefind
Real Internet
LifeInvader GTAV Amanda Profile large
Amanda De Santa Lifeinvader/Amanda De Santa
LifeInvader GTAV Beverly Profile large
Beverly Felton Lifeinvader/Beverly Felton
LifeInvader GTAV Demarcus Profile large
Demarcus Bradley Lifeinvader/Demarcus Bradley
LifeInvader GTAV Denise Profile large
Denise Clinton Lifeinvader/Denise Clinton
LifeInvader GTAV Devin Profile large
Devin Weston Lifeinvader/Devin Weston
LifeInvader GTAV Dom Profile large
Dom Beasley Lifeinvader/Dom Beasley
LifeInvader GTAV Franklin Profile large
Franklin Clinton Lifeinvader/Franklin Clinton
GTA Online Protagonist
SocialClub re-skin
LifeInvader GTAV Stretch Profile large
Harold "Stretch" Joseph Lifeinvader/Harold Joseph
LifeInvader GTAV Hayden Profile large
Hayden Dubose Lifeinvader/Hayden Dubose
LifeInvader GTAV Jimmy Profile large
Jimmy De Santa Lifeinvader/Jimmy De Santa
LifeInvader GTAV Kyle Profile large
Kyle Chavis Lifeinvader/Kyle Chavis
LifeInvader GTAV Lamar Profile large
Lamar Davis Lifeinvader/Lamar Davis
LifeInvader GTAV Lester Profile large
Lester Crest Lifeinvader/Lester Crest
LifeInvader GTAV MaryAnn Profile large
Mary-Ann Quinn Lifeinvader/MaryAnn Quinn
LifeInvader GTAV Michael Profile large
Michael De Santa Lifeinvader/Michael De Santa
LifeInvader GTAV Niko Profile
Niko Bellic Lifeinvader/Niko Bellic
LifeInvader GTAV Ron Profile large
Ron Jakowski Lifeinvader/Ron Jakowski
LifeInvader GTAV Simeon Profile large
Simeon Yetarian Lifeinvader/Simeon Yetarian
LifeInvader GTAV Tanisha Profile large
Tanisha Jackson Lifeinvader/Tanisha Jackson
LifeInvader GTAV Tavell Profile large
Tavell Clinton Lifeinvader/Tavell Clinton
LifeInvader GTAV Tracey Profile large
Tracey De Santa Lifeinvader/Tracey De Santa
LifeInvader GTAV Tonya Profile large
Tonya Wiggins Lifeinvader/Tonya Wiggins
LifeInvader GTAV Trevor Profile large
Trevor Philips Lifeinvader/Trevor Philips
LifeInvader GTAV Wade Profile large
Wade Hebert Lifeinvader/Wade Herbert

Commercial Profiles

Under Construction This article or section is Under Construction. Under Construction
Avatar Person/Business In-Game eyefind
Real Internet
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Alcoholla tiny
Alco Holla Lifeinvader/Alcoholla
Ammu-Nation Lifeinvader/AmmuNation
Bawsaq Lifeinvader/Bawsaq
BCR Community Hour Lifeinvader/BCR Community Hour
LifeInvader GTAV Credit Card Consolodation Kings
Credit Card Consolidation Kings Lifeinvader/Credit Card Consolidation Kings
LifeInvader GTAV Elitas Profile large
Elitas Travel Unseen Elitas Travel
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Fame or Shame
Fame or Shame Lifeinvader/Fame or Shame
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Fatal Incursion
Fatal Incursion Lifeinvader/Fatal Incursions
Feud Baseball Team Lifeinvader/Feud Baseball Team
The Grain of Truth Lifeinvader/Grain of Truth
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Herr Kutz
LifeInvader GTAV Herr Profile large
Herr Kutz Barber Lifeinvader/Herr Kutz herr hutz
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Ink Inc
LifeInvader GTAV Ink Profile large
Ink Inc. Lifeinvader/Ink Inc inkinc
LifeInvader GTAV Legendary Profile large
Legendary Motorsport Unseen legendary motorsport
Lifeinvader-GTAV-LSC-Avatar real
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Los Santos Customs
Los Santos Customs Lifeinvader/Los Santos Customs los santos customs
LifeInvader GTAV Ludendorf Profile large
Ludendorff Lifeinvader/Ludendorff
Lifeinvader-GTAV-Max Renda
Max Renda Lifeinvader/Max Renda
LifeInvader GTAV Premium Deluxe Motorsport
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Lifeinvader/Premium Deluxe Motorsport
LifeInvader GTAV Redwood Profile large

Redwood Cigarettes

Lifeinvader/Redwood Cigarettes redwood cigarettes
LifeInvader GTAV Sprunk Profile large
Sprunk Lifeinvader/Sprunk sprunk
Starface Celebrity Facials Lifeinvader/Starface Celebrity Facials
Stars Talk Weekly Lifeinvader/Starstalk
Vangelico Lifeinvader/Vangelico
LifeInvader GTAV Warstock Profile large
Warstock Cache & Carry Unseen warstock cache n carry

Private Profiles

Avatar Person/Business In-Game eyefind
Real Internet
LifeInvader GTAV Aaron Profile tiny
Aaron Fisk Lifeinvader/Aaron Fisk
LifeInvader GTAV Adric Profile tiny
Adric Howard Lifeinvader/Adric Howard
LifeInvader GTAV Ahron Profile tiny
Ahron Ward Lifeinvader/Ahron Ward
LifeInvader GTAV Alan Profile tiny
Alan Felton Lifeinvader/Alan Felton
LifeInvader GTAV Alex Profile tiny
Alex Deane Lifeinvader/Alex Deane
LifeInvader GTAV Alice Profile tiny
Alice Tinsley Lifeinvader/Alice Tinsley
LifeInvader GTAV AllanM Profile large
Alan McClean Unseen alanmcclean
LifeInvader GTAV Amy Profile tiny
Amy Turner Lifeinvader/Amy Turner
LifeInvader GTAV Anak Profile tiny
Anak Horozian Lifeinvader/Anak Horozian
LifeInvader GTAV Andre Profile tiny
Andre Barnes Lifeinvader/Andre Barnes
LifeInvader GTAV Andy Profile tiny
Andy Whitford Lifeinvader/Andy Whitford
LifeInvader GTAV Antoine Profile tiny
Antoine Porter Lifeinvader/Antoine Porter
LifeInvader GTAV Ashley Profile tiny
Ashley Butler Lifeinvader/Ashley Butler
LifeInvader GTAV Barbara Profile tiny
Barbara Watkins Lifeinvader/Barbara Watkins
LifeInvader GTAV Benton Profile tiny
Benton Cox Lifeinvader/Benton Cox
LifeInvader GTAV Billy Profile tiny
Billy Pennington Lifeinvader/Billy Pennington
LifeInvader GTAV Bree Profile tiny
Bree Young Lifeinvader/Bree Young
LifeInvader GTAV Brian Profile tiny
Brian Moxton Lifeinvader/Brian Moxton
LifeInvader GTAV Catrina Profile tiny
Catrina Wells Lifeinvader/Catrina Wells
LifeInvader GTAV Cheryl Profile tiny
Cheryl Maroney Lifeinvader/Cheryl Maroney
LifeInvader GTAV Cletus Profile tiny
Cletus Ewing Lifeinvader/Cletus Ewing
LifeInvader GTAV Colin Daniels Profile tiny
Colin Daniels Lifeinvader/Colin Daniels
LifeInvader GTAV Colin Profile tiny
Colin Easton Lifeinvader/Colin Easton
LifeInvader GTAV Connor Profile tiny
Connor Shipley Lifeinvader/Connor Shipley
LifeInvader GTAV Dana Profile tiny
Dana Ellis Lifeinvader/Dana Ellis
LifeInvader GTAV Darnell Profile tiny
Darnell Stevens Lifeinvader/Darnell Stevens
LifeInvader GTAV Daryl Profile tiny
Darryl Knox Lifeinvader/Darryl Knox
LifeInvader GTAV Deja Profile tiny
Deja Medwell Lifeinvader/Deja Medwell
LifeInvader GTAV Antoine Profile tiny
Dena Spears Lifeinvader/Dena Spears
LifeInvader GTAV Donna Profile tiny
Donna Lifeinvader/Donna@HerrKutzBarbers
LifeInvader GTAV DrStanovicz Profile tiny
Dr. Stanovicz Lifeinvader/Dr Stanovicz
LifeInvader GTAV DrWetherbrook Profile tiny
Dr. Wetherbrook Lifeinvader/Dr Wetherbrook
LifeInvader GTAV Duane Profile large
Duane Earl Unseen duaneearl
LifeInvader GTAV Erik Profile tiny
Erik Duncan Lifeinvader/Erik Duncan
LifeInvader GTAV Evan Profile tiny
Evan Arnold Lifeinvader/Evan Arnold
LifeInvader GTAV Fabien Profile tiny
Fabien LaRouche Lifeinvader/Fabien Larouche
LifeInvader GTAV Fiona Profile tiny
Fiona Larsson Lifeinvader/Fiona Larsson
LifeInvader GTAV Floyd Profile tiny
Floyd Hebert Lifeinvader/Floyd Hebert
LifeInvader GTAV Foster Profile tiny
Foster Matthews Lifeinvader/Foster Matthews
LifeInvader GTAV Freddy Profile tiny
Freddy Slade Lifeinvader/Freddy 'Footlong' Slade
LifeInvader GTAV Garry Profile tiny
Garry Higgins Lifeinvader/Garry Higgins
LifeInvader GTAV Gary Profile tiny
Gary Harby Lifeinvader/Gary Harby
LifeInvader GTAV GaryS Profile tiny
Gary Scales Lifeinvader/Gary Scales
LifeInvader GTAV Gemma Profile tiny
Gemma Kipley Lifeinvader/Gemma Kipley
LifeInvader GTAV Gerald Profile tiny
Gerald G Lifeinvader/Gerald G
LifeInvader GTAV Gerry Profile tiny
Gerry Colford Lifeinvader/Gerry Colford
LifeInvader GTAV GerryH Profile tiny
Gerry Huckford Lifeinvader/Gerry Huckford
LifeInvader GTAV Giles Profile tiny
Giles Heskell Lifeinvader/Giles Heskell
LifeInvader GTAV Graham Profile tiny
Graham Ramsay Lifeinvader/Graham Ramsay
LifeInvader GTAV Guadaloupe Profile tiny
Guadaloupe Romero Lifeinvader/Guadaloupe Romero
LifeInvader GTAV Hailey Profile tiny
Hailey Bradley Lifeinvader/Hailey Bradley
LifeInvader GTAV HaileyW Profile tiny
Hailey Watson Lifeinvader/Hailey Watson
LifeInvader GTAV Hank Profile tiny
Hank Sidwell Lifeinvader/Hank Sidwell
LifeInvader GTAV HankT Profile tiny
Hank Terrel Lifeinvader/Hank Terrel
LifeInvader GTAV Harvey Profile tiny
Harvey Pritchard Lifeinvader/Harvey Pritchard
LifeInvader GTAV IanK Profile tiny
Ian Keister Lifeinvader/Ian Keister
LifeInvader GTAV JackH Profile large
Jack Howitzer Unseen jackhowitzer
LifeInvader GTAV Jamal Profile tiny
Jamal Reynolds Lifeinvader/Jamal Reynolds
LifeInvader GTAV Jamie Profile tiny
Jamie Ellis Lifeinvader/Jamie Ellis
LifeInvader GTAV JaneSmith Profile tiny
Jane Smith Jane Smith
mock-up for Paleto Score set-up board.
LifeInvader GTAV Jasper Profile tiny
Jasper O'Hare Lifeinvader/Jasper OHare
LifeInvader GTAV Jax Profile tiny
Jax Santana Lifeinvader/Jax Santana
LifeInvader GTAV JayW Profile tiny
Jay Wallace Lifeinvader/Jay Wallace
LifeInvader GTAV JB Profile tiny
JB Bradshaw Lifeinvader/JB Bradshaw
LifeInvader GTAV Jeff Profile tiny
Jeff Chartier Lifeinvader/Jeff Chartier
LifeInvader GTAV Jenny Profile tiny
Jenny Tilman Lifeinvader/Jenny Tilman
LifeInvader GTAV Jon Profile tiny
Jon Henley Lifeinvader/Jon Henley
LifeInvader GTAV Jonathan Profile tiny
Jonathan Aubrey Lifeinvader/Jonathan Aubrey
LifeInvader GTAV Joshua Profile tiny
Joshua Walsh Lifeinvader/Joshua Walsh
LifeInvader GTAV Julie Profile tiny
Julie Pollock Lifeinvader/Julie Pollock
LifeInvader GTAV Kanya Profile tiny
Kanya Suttikul Lifeinvader/Kanya Suttikul
LifeInvader GTAV Karen Profile tiny
Karen Lichti Lifeinvader/Karen Lichti
LifeInvader GTAV KarlK Profile large
Karl Kelly Unseen karlkelly
LifeInvader GTAV Karl Profile tiny
Karl Raven Lifeinvader/Karl Raven
LifeInvader GTAV Kate Profile tiny
Kate Morton Lifeinvader/Kate Morton
LifeInvader GTAV Keeara Profile tiny
Keeara Nelson Lifeinvader/Keeara Nelson
LifeInvader GTAV Kelly Profile tiny
Kelly Rutherford Lifeinvader/Kelly Rutherford
LifeInvader GTAV Keri Profile tiny
Keri Barker Lifeinvader/Keri Barker
LifeInvader GTAV Kim Profile tiny
Kim Traylor Lifeinvader/Kim Traylor
LifeInvader GTAV Lahronda Profile tiny
Lahronda Whitfield Lifeinvader/Lahronda Whitfield
LifeInvader GTAV Lance Profile tiny
Lance Wharrie Lifeinvader/Lance Wharrie
LifeInvader GTAV Lauren Profile tiny
Lauren Deboer Lifeinvader/Lauren Deboer
LifeInvader GTAV Lela Profile tiny
Lela Yarris Lifeinvader/Lela Yarris
LifeInvader GTAV LEON Profile tiny
Leon Lifeinvader/LEON@VanillaUnicorn
LifeInvader GTAV Lisa Profile tiny
Lisa Barclay Lifeinvader/Lisa Barclay
LifeInvader GTAV LisaW Profile tiny
Lisa Wallin Lifeinvader/Lisa Wallin
LifeInvader GTAV Liz Profile tiny
Elisa Macallen Lifeinvader/Liz Macallen
LifeInvader GTAV Lonny Profile tiny
Lonny Gideon Lifeinvader/Lonny Gideon
LifeInvader GTAV Madison Profile tiny
Madison Fox Lifeinvader/Madison Fox
LifeInvader GTAV Magenta Profile tiny
Magenta Andrews Lifeinvader/Magenta Andrews
LifeInvader GTAV Mark Profile tiny
Mark Pearson Lifeinvader/Mark Pearson
LifeInvader GTAV Mattie Profile tiny
Mattie Horten Lifeinvader/Mattie Horten
LifeInvader GTAV Maurie Profile tiny
Maurie Lelland Lifeinvader/Maurie Lelland
LifeInvader GTAV Melinda Profile tiny
Melinda Dubose Lifeinvader/Melinda Dubose
LifeInvader GTAV Mike Profile tiny
Mike Hathaway Lifeinvader/Mike Hathaway
LifeInvader GTAV ModeratorFeud Profile tiny
Moderator@TheFeud Lifeinvader/ModeratorFeud
LifeInvader GTAV Molly Profile tiny
Molly Schultz Lifeinvader/Molly Schultz
LifeInvader GTAV Monette Profile tiny
Monette Allerton Lifeinvader/Monette Allerton
LifeInvader GTAV Mother Profile tiny
Mother (MaryAnn Quinn's) Lifeinvader/Mother
LifeInvader GTAV Nelson Profile tiny
Nelson Weller Lifeinvader/Nelson Weller
LifeInvader GTAV Nia Profile tiny
Nia Briscoll Lifeinvader/Nia Briscoll
LifeInvader GTAV Nicolson Profile tiny
Nicolson Bell Lifeinvader/Nicolson Bell
LifeInvader GTAV Niles Profile tiny
Niles Harris Lifeinvader/Niles Harris
LifeInvader GTAV Owen Profile tiny
Owen Yates Lifeinvader/Owen Yates
LifeInvader GTAV Paul Profile tiny
Paul O'Hagan Lifeinvader/Paul OHagan
LifeInvader GTAV Peter Profile tiny
Peter Kerr Lifeinvader/Peter Kerr
LifeInvader GTAV PhilG Profile tiny
Phil G Scott Lifeinvader/Phil G Scott
LifeInvader GTAV Pippy Profile tiny
Pippy Eggerton Lifeinvader/Pippy Eggerton
LifeInvader GTAV Poppa Profile tiny
Poppa Lennan Lifeinvader/Poppa Lennan
LifeInvader GTAV Ralph Profile tiny
Ralph Danforth Lifeinvader/Ralph Danforth
LifeInvader GTAV Ray Profile tiny
Ray Gordon Lifeinvader/Ray Gordon
LifeInvader GTAV RayN Profile tiny
Ray Navarro Lifeinvader/Ray Navarro
LifeInvader GTAV Rebecca Profile tiny
Rebecca Powell Lifeinvader/Rebecca Powell
LifeInvader GTAV Regis Profile tiny
Regis Welsh Lifeinvader/Regis Welsh
LifeInvader GTAV Renatta Profile tiny
Renatta Sidwell Lifeinvader/Renatta Sidwell
LifeInvader GTAV Reshay Profile tiny
Reshay Mills Lifeinvader/Reshay Mills
LifeInvader GTAV Richard Profile tiny
Richard Trindall Lifeinvader/Richard Trindall
LifeInvader GTAV Ross Profile tiny
Ross Connon Lifeinvader/Ross Connon
LifeInvader GTAV Ryan Profile tiny
Ryan Bennett Lifeinvader/Ryan Bennett
LifeInvader GTAV Sacha Profile tiny
Sacha Yetarian Lifeinvader/Sacha Yetarian
LifeInvader GTAV Sam Profile tiny
Sam Waters Lifeinvader/Sam Waters
LifeInvader GTAV Sandra Profile tiny
Sandra Carelli Lifeinvader/Sandra Carelli
LifeInvader GTAV Sara Profile tiny
Sara Pratt Lifeinvader/Sara Pratt
LifeInvader GTAV Sharonda Profile tiny
Sharonda Mills Lifeinvader/Sharonda Mills
LifeInvader GTAV Simon Profile tiny
Simon Halcrow Lifeinvader/Simon Halcrow
LifeInvader GTAV Julie Profile tiny
Sterlin Lawson Lifeinvader/Sterlin Lawson
LifeInvader GTAV Steve Profile tiny
Steve Welby Lifeinvader/Steve Welby
LifeInvader GTAV SusanDW Profile tiny
Susan Seen on Devin Weston's tablet in The Third Way
LifeInvader GTAV Susan Profile tiny
Susan Chavis Lifeinvader/Susan Chavis
LifeInvader GTAV Taye Profile tiny
Taye Buckley Lifeinvader/Taye Buckley
LifeInvader GTAV Taylor Profile tiny
Taylor Hoyte Lifeinvader/Taylor Hoyte
LifeInvader GTAV Todd Profile tiny
Todd Ramsey Lifeinvader/Todd Ramsey
LifeInvader GTAV Trenton Profile tiny
Trenton Mayberry Lifeinvader/Trenton Mayberry
LifeInvader GTAV Tyson Profile tiny
Tyson Fillmore Lifeinvader/Tyson Fillmore
LifeInvader GTAV Vince Profile tiny
Vince Halsley Lifeinvader/Vince Halsley
LifeInvader GTAV Yerghat Profile tiny
Yerghat Tankian Lifeinvader/Yerghat Tankian

Unseen Profiles

Avatar Person/Business In-Game eyefind
Real Internet
Lifeinvader-GTAV-RedwoodStalker AndyHamilton
Andy Hamilton Stalks Redwood Cigarettes
Blake [citation/verification needed]
Brucie Kibbutz Seen on Niko's page.
Clay Simons [citation/verification needed]
Daryl Bint Mentioned - Not accessible
Jay Norris Presumed - but unseen
LifeInvader GTAV JohnSmith Profile tiny
John Smith Seen on Jane Smith's mock-up.
Kevin Prendergast Tagged by Herr Kutz
Little Jacob Seen on Niko's page.
Lifeinvader-GTAV-RedwoodStalker MadisonWolf
Madison Wolf Stalks Redwood Cigarettes
Mallorie Bardas Seen on Niko's page.
LifeInvader GTAV MoeChinpoko Profile tiny
Moe Chinpoko Seen on the tablet version
LifeInvader GTAV PhoGina Profile tiny
Pho Gina Seen on the tablet version
Ray De Angelo Harris [citation/verification needed]
Rickie Lukens Presumed - but unseen.
Roman Bellic Seen on Niko's page.
Rufus Bellows [citation/verification needed]
LifeInvader GTAV SallyJames Profile tiny
Sally James Seen on the tablet version
and Jane Smith's mock-up.
Tao Cheng [citation/verification needed]


Lifeinvader has at least six distinctly different versions, each with different layouts and terminology.

Version image Description Terminology
Lifeinvader on the real-life Internet.
  • Status update
  • Stalk
  • Comment
  • Share
LifeInvader GTAV Franklin Stalking Page
Lifeinvader on the in game Internet.
  • Update
  • Stalking
Lifeinvader seen in game on
Jimmy's laptop.
  • Status update
  • Comment
  • Fanboy
  • Share
  • Obsessions
Lifeinvader efriend tablet version.
  • Dock
  • Like
  • Comment
  • News Feed
  • Share
Jane Smith GTA V
iFruit version seen on set-up board
for the Paleto Score Setup.

Similar layout to efriend tablet version
without "Docking".

  • Profile
  • Messages
  • News Feed
  • Share
  • Status
  • Like
Version seen on Devin Weston's tablet
during The Third Way.

Similar to live in-game internet
version with some features from
efriend version

Lifeinvader unavailable in GTA Online.

Seen when trying to access the in-game





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