The home page of in GTA IV. is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The site is mainly about conspiracy theories. The website is strongly based of a Secret Society known as the Illuminati, hinting it by showing its known mark, the "All Seeing Eye". Oleg Minkov has the site as a computer background (the All Seeing Eye is watching you...). The website also has numerous forums such as:

World domination conspiracies - The mullet connection!
Cybernetics and mass surveillance - The All Seeing Eye is watching you...
Brainwashing and mind control - Planning notes so you will know.
Is there anybody out there? - Aliens, and UFO's.
Smoke and mirrors - The truth about Pluto.
Women - The ultimate conspirators?
Poisoning out future leaders - What the food and companies are not telling you!

The site is possibly based on


There are also various members of the site who have participated in discussion forums:

Name Location
Reichstagfire Los Santos
Taos Hum Vice City
Julio Los Santos
Majestic12* Vice City
Chupacabra Liberty City
SkullandBones Las Venturas
Bildeberg San Fierro
Apollo11 Las Venturas
Anon N/A
Greg Liberty City
The Ripper Lives Vice City
Steve San Fierro
AreaCinquanteetUn* Brussels
Barcode Liberty City
Kevin Los Santos
Bermuda Triangle Vice City
Phil London
ChemTrail Liberty City
Big Foot Los Santos
Speed Freak Liberty City
Loch Ness San Fierro
Frankie Liberty City
Mary San Fierro
  • AreaCinquanteetUn is a reference to Area 51, with "cinquanteetun" being French for "fifty-one".
  • Majestic12 is named after the alledged organization of the same name.

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