Red, Black and Blue? is a newspaper article on the Liberty Tree in-game website of Grand Theft Auto IV. The article was written by Tony J. Smith and published on 2008.


Red, Black and Blue?
Police accused of brutality against protestors
Tony J. Smith

Reacting to angry citizens' groups claiming that police brutality is on the rise, Liberty City's Police Commissioner for Public Affairs, Tom Pireni, told reporters, "Our police are here to make you feel safe. Sometimes you are acting in an unsafe manner or not standing in a designated free speech zone, at which point we have to take action quickly and violently.

After a major scuffle at the Broker Bridge earlier, citizens lined up, showing welts, bruises and bullet wounds from what they say is a macho police force gone seriously overboard. Some passersby had other opinions. "You Americans bring this upon yourself," Natalya Shironova told Weazel Radio, "When we fix elections, all dissenters are rounded up and sent to salt mines. It soon stops anyone from complaining".


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