Porter Tunnel Six Months Behind Schedule is a newspaper article on the Liberty Tree promotional website for Grand Theft Auto III. The article, written by Andre Perkins and published on March 1, 2001, is about the Porter Tunnel being delayed. The article also appears in the official GTA III website (Flash version) in the Porter Tunnel section (Staunton Island entrance).


Porter Tunnel Six Months Behind Schedule

Liberty Tree News Bureau
March 1st 2001 6:30pm EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Andre Perkins

Chief engineer and project director Winston Cole admitted at a meeting with the FBC Finance Group that funding would be required for an additional six months before the construction project would be ready for its first cross-bay traffic.

"Any engineering project of this complexity can hit problems which inevitably push back completion dates," Cole said, "We are lucky that a project so important to Liberty's economic development should have the understanding relationship we hold with our financiers, FBC."

The project, originally scheduled for completion in April this year, will now not see Liberty's economic districts linked until late October, which is good news for separatists and keen swimmers! Keep on smiling Liberty!

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