'Red Light' Licenses up for Renewal is a newspaper article on the Liberty Tree promotional website for Grand Theft Auto III. The article, written by Thomas Shaw and published on March 1, 2001, is about Mayor Miles O'Donovan renewing the license for the Red Light District.


'Red Light' Licenses up for Renewal
Citizen's Groups Petition Mayor's Office

Liberty Tree News Bureau
March 1st 2001 5:43am EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Thomas Shaw

The five-yearly review of 'Red Light' licenses will be due at the end of the month. Citizen's groups have already started petitioning the Mayor's Office in an attempt to revamp the city's aging Red Light District. In recent months, Liberty's red light district, which hitherto had been the best adult entertainment center for miles around, has come under threat. Other red light districts with new facilities have begun to steal away Liberty's males, while the strength of the dollar has made Liberty susceptible to the powerful, and deregulated red light districts overseas, including Amsterdam, Bangkok and Baghdad. The Mayor, speaking exclusively to Liberty Tree promised, "Our red light district will be amongst the best, most vibrant, and immoral on earth by 2003." Way to go, Liberty City!

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