The Liberty Sanitation Depot is a waste depot in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars used and operated by the Liberty Sanitation Department, located in Fishmarket South, Algonquin.


The building is based on the corner of Flatfish Place and Privateer Road in Fishmarket South, situated directly under the Broker Bridge and on the waterfront of the Humboldt River. The Union Drive East overpass passes west over the grounds. An RS Haul warehouse is built north of the depot, while the Fishmarket South Fire Station is located west. Delivery access is seen towards the north side of the building, while garbage truck access is provided from the south on Flatfish Place.

The building consists of an open interior and ladder access to the rear empty section of the building. A ladder on the east side of the building also allows access to an open door.

On the waterfront, a walkway past the building is found looking out onto the river and the Broker Bridge.

Up to 4[vague] Trashmasters can be found parked within the grounds; two just outside the warehouse itself, and two inside. Garbage workers can be seen sweeping in and outside the depot. Another 2 Trashmasters may spawn outside the depot on Privateer Road facing the Fishmarket South Fire Station at the base of the Privateer Road Building.


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