The Liberty Sanitation Department (LSD) is a uniformed force of sanitation workers featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Their responsibilities include garbage collection using a Trashmaster, street cleaning and public park up-keeping.

LSD street cleaners and gardeners are commonly found on the pathways and grassy patches in parks and road dividers. Many street sweepers around the city are not randomly spawned, but instead are scripted to sweep the same patch of ground when the player is in the area.

Niko Bellic receives an LSD worker's outfit after completing the mission Taking in the Trash for Ray Boccino. The LSD are also used as a front for the Pegorino Family, as their waste management consultation front.

The Liberty Sanitation Department is based on the NYC Department of Sanitation, and also has a similar logo.


The LSD have only one known location, being the Liberty Sanitation Depot in Fishmarket South, Algonquin. Trashmasters can be seen parked here.


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