The Liberty Ferry Terminal (also sometimes called the Alderney Ferry Terminal), is a commuter ferry terminal featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The terminal is located just off Asahara Road, near the entrance of the Booth Tunnel in Alderney City, Alderney. It is based on the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.

It is run by the Liberty City Transport Authority and would appear to be for cross-river commuter journeys to Liberty City (hence the name). There does not appear to be any corresponding terminal on the Liberty City side of the river, although ferries could easily be accommodated at many of the commercial jetties on the western shore of Algonquin.

The terminal has five berths for ferries to dock. The westernmost berth is a roll-on roll-off vehicular ferry berth. Only one of the ports has red lights for the guidance of the ships. It is the port immediately adjacent to the vehicular ferry berth. No ferries are ever seen entering the terminal. The five ports are also always empty.

Although it is run by the LTA, the terminal is in very poor condition, with the letters 'L' and "T" of the word "Liberty" missing, along with the letter "R" of the word "ferry", which indicates how badly the terminal is being managed.

Outside the terminal, there are three LTA bus stops and also a bus box for buses to park. Like other bus stops in the game, no buses are seen using them because bus services were cut from the final game.

The terminal has tight security, with Alderney State Police carrying Carbine Rifles stationed in every corner of the terminal.

The only advertisement from Walsh's Wee Winky in the city, can be found in the south-west side of the terminal.

There is an armor pickup at the end of the easternmost wall.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

The Liberty Ferry Terminal has its first major role during the first random encounter with serial killer Eddie Low, when Niko gives Eddie a lift to the ferry terminal to dump a duffel bag (with the decapitated body of a jogger inside) into the river. A Weazel News bulletin after this encounter also clearly identifies the location as the Liberty Ferry Terminal.

The terminal is also the location of a Most Wanted mission.

In one of the Drug Wars stashing missions, the stash was located inside the terminal, which presumably was brought in by sea.


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