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The Liberty City Transport Authority (LTA), also known as the Liberty Transport Authority[1] and formerly LTA Lines[2], is the transport authority network featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The LTA serves as Liberty City's main transport authority and operates several forms of transportation around the city. Their logo consists of the abbreviated title "LTA" with cursive lettering, which is often seen within a circle. Their main color is blue, however the text and circle color appear vary depending on where they are found. Alternative logo designs include parallel diagonal stripes running through the LTA text, used for the LTA bus service, and a circular arrow looping around the LTA text, used for the LTA subway service.

Liberty Transport Authority operate the Brute Bus, bearing a pastel green and light grey color scheme, bearing the LTA logo and tag lines. They also operate the Liberty City subway, and tramway. The LTA operates a subway map of Liberty City illustrating the subway lines and their stations within Algonquin, Broker, Bohan and Dukes.

The headquarters of the Liberty Transport Authority is located on the intersection of Munsee Avenue and Earp Street, Downtown, Broker.

The LTA had a short lived business relationship with the Messina Family according to a Union Official interrogated by Rocco Pelosi.

The company appears to be based on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the primary transit provider of New York City. The LTA subway map appears to be based on Vignelli-styled New York City subway maps.


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Although the LTA operates across Liberty City, they have several distinctive operation locations, including service hatches and their main headquarters at the LTA Headquarters building in Broker.

A service hut in Easton provides access to the subway. It is titled as the service entrance to Easton/Emerald. The sign on the door also instructs operators to "shoot the lock off" in the event of an emergency. This is the only accessible service hut of its kind and is used during Three Leaf Clover. It has a stairway interior leading down to the underground.


LTA operates three transport vehicles, two of which serve as functional and operational methods of transportation to the player.

Stations for each of the three vehicles dub the individual operations as "LTA Subway", "LTA Bus" and "LTA Skycar". The Skycar and Bus are also dubbed "The Pigeon" and "The Fox" respectively.

The Bus is the only vehicle that does not serve as an operational transport vehicle. The Bus can only be found parked in specific and limited locations, including the Broker Bus Depot and around Star Junction.


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