LCTU Liberty City Trade Union

Liberty City Trade Union emblem.

The Liberty City Trade Union (LCTU) is a trade union active in Liberty City. The union features prominently in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


It is not explicitly stated which group of workers the union represents, though the industrial action at the ferry terminal and docks would suggest they represent maritime and/or transport workers.

Events of Liberty City Stories

In 1998, the ferry service between Harwood, Portland and Rockford, Staunton Island is under threat due to construction of the Porter Tunnel and Callahan Bridge. After failing to receive assurances from mayor Roger C. Hole that the service would continue, the workers, led by union leader Jane Hopper, take industrial action, setting up picket lines at the Portland Docks and the Harwood Ferry Terminal. The ferry strike leaves Portland isolated from the rest of Liberty City. Following Driving Mr Leone, the ferry strike ends and the picket lines at the terminal and docks disperse, with the workers moving their picket to the entrance to the Shoreside Lift Bridge in Staunton Island, isolating Shoreside Vale from the rest of the city. Following Love on the Rocks, the strike finally ends after new mayor Miles O'Donovan assures the ferry workers that the ferry service will continue to operate in the city.

If Toni Cipriani crosses any of the picket lines, the workers will attack him with their fists and Baseball Bats.


  • Jane Hopper is the principal leader of the union. Despite publicly stating she is in support of the workers, privately Hopper appears to be corrupt and only interested in bribing city officials in order to substantially increase wages.
  • Three other unnamed union leaders appear in the mission Frighteners.


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