Liberty City Survivor artwork from GTA Liberty City Stories Multiplayer.

Liberty City Survivor is a reality show in Grand Theft Auto III. It is advertised on the radio, particularly on Flashback FM and Chatterbox FM. It is about "20 recently paroled guys equipped with grenade launchers and flamethrowers" who have to hunt each other down until only one man is left standing. The idea parodies reality television, especially the early 2000s trend towards more degrading formulas such as Fear Factor. The series appears to be rather dangerous, as a voice-over by a hospitalized man claims that his condition was caused when he was hit during a shootout at the Happy Blimp.

Liberty City Survivor is also a reference to a cancelled multiplayer mode in GTA III; however, "Liberty City Survivor" would come to fruition as a multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


  • The voice-over is done by Jeff Berlin.
  • The show bears strong resemblance to the Japanese novel and movie Battle Royale, where a group of kids are given assault weapons and forced to hunt each other down until only one is left alive.
  • The concept of the show bears a slight resemblance to The Running Man, a novel and film about a game show where convicted criminals must escape being hunted down by professional killers.
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