The Liberty City Services Recruiting Center is a recruiting center in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Star Junction, Algonquin.


The hub is located between Burlesque, Denver-Exeter Avenue and Jade Street in the Star Junction district, situated on a small wedge-shaped pedestrian area between the two intersecting avenues. It is distinctive with its bright blue, red and white American flag which shines bright at night. It is found north of the Star Junction Police Station and west of the Bawsaq Building.

On the south face of the building, a board with the name of the hub and several recruiting services is found. The building specializes in recruiting people for LC's services:

The building is, however, inaccessible and does not play any role in the storyline of either of its appearances.

It is based on the US Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square, Manhattan, New York City.


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