The Liberty City Salamanders is a female professional basketball team based in Liberty City.


Their real world equivalent is the New York Liberty. However, their logo and name seems inspired by the NBA's Toronto Raptors. They sponsor the "Lethal Car Accident of the Day" on Weazel News. The Salamanders' slogan is "Begging you to actually come out and watch a game!" implying that the Salamanders entertain sparse crowds whenever they play, as is the common assumption with the real-world WNBA.



  • Grand Theft Auto IV characters Gordon Sargent wears a white Salamanders sweater under his vest and Bas Rutten wears a green Salamanders jersey on The Men's Room show.
  • Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V owns a green Salamanders jersey.
  • They are the only female professional sports team in either of the universes in which sports teams are featured.
  • Despite being a female sports team, they are represented by a male player on a bobblehead that can be added via customization of certain cars in Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • In addition, there is a ticket which shows a game in which they played against the Liberty City Penetrators; this would be incredibly odd, as it is rare for a men's sports team to play against a women's sports team. It's possible that the team was retconned as a men's basketball team, being a stand-in for the Brooklyn Nets.


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