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For the LCPD in the 3D Universe, see Liberty City Police Department (3D Universe).

The Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) is the Police Department of Liberty City and the State of Alderney (only in multiplayer) in the HD Universe. The LCPD is based on the New York Police Department (NYPD).


The Liberty City Police Department has around 40,000 police officers who each serve many different roles, most notably "walking the beat" on patrol all throughout Liberty City. They reign in a "complete operational" status over Liberty City, meaning they are the primary law enforcement organization in the city even if the FIB and NOOSE have a presence there. The LCPD is organized into different divisions.

The Aviation Unit of the LCPD has a fleet of Police Mavericks that are on constant patrol. Aviation assistance can be summoned from one of the four police stations with aviation facilities. The Police Mavericks can be seen often in the skies of Liberty City, most often patrolling with Annihilators above major bridges such as the Hickey Bridge and East Borough Bridge, looking for potential signs of terrorism.

The LCPD is known for its very aggressive techniques in pursuing crime, most notably saturating a high-crime area (or one or more individuals committing several crimes in short succession) with dozens of police officers and patrol cars. They take the famous NYPD rationale of having a large police presence, ensuring prevention of and a quick response to crime. In times of emergency, they respond appropriately and pour all available resources into stopping or containing an incident, including NOOSE and/or FIB backup.

The LCPD, along with the NOOSE and the FIB, become extremely aggressive when the player is wanted and continue to use deadly force against player even after the protagonist has died and "grayed out". LCPD officers are sometimes seen writing tickets (as noticed around Middle Park and in Highway Patrol duties on the various bridges where they await speeders). LCPD officers on foot patrol are sometimes seen chasing and apprehending criminals at gunpoint; after they are cornered by the pursuing officer(s), a marked police car is contacted to take the criminal away for processing.

Despite their aggressive response if the player commits a crime, the LCPD can also assist the player if they are attacked by other NPCs. Running past a police officer while another NPC gives chase, or being hit/shot by an NPC while an officer is nearby will result in the officer attempting to take out or arrest the offending NPC, often recruiting other officers nearby in the process.

The LCPD is also on an active recruiting campaign, with "Join The LCPD" posters and billboards at select locations throughout the city and adorning the front of the LCPD Triangle/Star Junction subway station, (which is in front of a Liberty City services booth). They also appear in the streets if the player dials 911 to summon a Police Vehicle with two police officers inside. The front passenger will check around for any incidents, while the police officer in the Police Vehicle will remain in it unless an emergency occurs. However, if there is nothing happening, the front passenger will return to the Police Vehicle. The front passenger will also tell the driver that nothing happened. The same thing occurs to the driver if nothing happened while he is reaching the Police Vehicle.

If an assailant is confirmed to commit a crime (either via being reported to the police by civilians or being directly sighted by police) or attacks a police officer responding to a 911 call, two officers from a police vehicle (and other police officers in the immediate area), wielding Pistols, will pursue the criminal and attempt to catch him. Responding officers always draw their sidearms when faced with a suspect. If there are not any criminals around, they will get back inside their cruiser and leave or, in case of officers on foot patrol, continue walking.

Unlike civilians, who report crimes via the telephone (a lengthy process), police sightings are reported immediately. Further crimes, such as attacking a police officer, and evading arrest will increase the player's Wanted Level. They can even respond to crimes out of their sight, as civilians can call the police on their cell phones to report crimes.

When the player reaches two stars, additional police vehicles are sent to the area, and the officers in the front passenger seats of the vehicles will step out wielding Pump Shotguns (if fit cops are spotted).

At three stars, the NOOSE "Patriotism and Immigration Authority" will join the fight with NOOSE Patriots and NOOSE Cruisers with LCPD officers firing on the player with shotguns and pistols, as well as a Police Maverick to oversee the scene and follow fleeing suspects. The helicopters will have two LCPD riflemen equipped with Carbine Rifles (or Advanced MGs in The Ballad of Gay Tony) and an LCPD pilot on board; the riflemen will engage the suspect on sight. The front passengers of the NOOSE patrol vehicles will also wield shotguns (if fit cops are spotted).

At four stars, instead of LCPD officers in a Police Maverick, the same helicopter is deployed with two NOOSE "Tactical Response Unit" riflemen with Carbine Rifles or Advanced MGs, and a NOOSE pilot. On the ground, the police will deploy Enforcers carrying four NOOSE Tactical Response Unit officers and/or FIB Buffalos carrying four FIB agents; both of these are equipped with body armor, Carbine Rifles, SMGs, and Pump Shotguns (as well as Assault SMGs and Automatic Shotguns in The Ballad of Gay Tony), with Pistols carried as a backup weapon.

At five and six stars, two NOOSE Annihilators are deployed carrying two NOOSE Tactical Response Unit riflemen with the same Carbine Rifles or Advanced MGs and a NOOSE pilot on board, and Enforcers and/or FIB Buffalos will continue to be sent in alongside regular police officers. Also at five and six stars, the LCPD, NOOSE and FIB will start to shoot out of their vehicles.

Types of Officers

There are two types of police officers that vary in their appearance and how they use the assigned equipment listed below:

  • Overweight officers are more passive in their roles and are more prominent in their patrol vehicles. When pursuing a suspect, they cannot run as fast as the average suspect and are seen wielding their pistols in two hands. They only rely on the basic equipment and their pistols (or sniper rifles), but they are still effective when the time comes to apprehend the suspect.
  • Fit officers are somewhat better trained and are more determinant of their actions. When pursuing a suspect, they are likely to catch them, and will sprint after the suspect if they also attempt to sprint. They can also use pump shotguns and carbine rifles, in addition to pistols and sniper rifles.


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Senior management

Police Commissioner

  • Mitt Fitzsimmons (2008)

Deputy Police Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs

Narcotics Agent


List of Police Stations

Main article: Police Stations

Liberty City

The LCPD is large and organized, possessing 5 Borough stations and 13 Police Stations throughout Liberty City.

Image Gallery

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Lost and Damned

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


LCPD officers can be heard shouting while on a pursuit, be it on foot, in a vehicle, or even at sea. The police scanner also reports crimes in detail, reporting type of crime, its approximate location and heading, the type of person involved, the color, make and model of vehicles involved, and the status of the crime. LCPD officers also operate megaphones inside their vehicles, including the Predator and Police Maverick.



In GTA IV, LCPD officers on the streets commonly drive two variants of police cars: the Police Patrol and the Police Cruiser. These serve as their vehicles of choice when the player reaches a one-to-three-star wanted level, and will continue to appear in conjunction with NOOSE and FIB forces in a four-star wanted level or higher. In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the LCPD is only uses the Police Patrol (although game art of both the Police Patrol and Police Cruiser are still used when the player is Busted), and only appears up to a four-star wanted level (alongside NOOSE Enforcers), as the FIB takes over at five stars.

The LCPD also extends their authority in the air in GTA IV with the use of Police Mavericks, which commonly patrol the sky even when the player does not have a wanted level. Police Mavericks will occasionally join a one- or two-star wanted level when they happen to be within close proximity of the player, but the helicopter is certain to appear only when the player has a three-star wanted level with LCPD riflemen armed with Carbine Rifles and an LCPD pilot; however, at four stars, the Police Maverick will come with two NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers riflemen as well as a NOOSE Tactical Response Unit pilot. The Annihilator takes over from five to six stars onward, with the LCPD using them at five stars and the NOOSE at six, with a NOOSE pilot and riflemen armed with Carbine Rifles.

At sea, the LCPD is equipped with Police Predators, which appear when the player has three stars or more. The boats carry a police officer that pursues the player, with two police officers armed with Carbine Rifles at the back who will use deadly force against the player. In GTA Chinatown Wars, however, the Predator is replaced with the Coast Guard Launch.

The Ballad of Gay Tony also includes two more LCPD-marked Vehicles, the Police Buffalo (named "Police Cruiser" in-game) and the Police Bike, a police motorcycle. Neither vehicle is used by LCPD officers, and they are only available in the Multiplayer of The Ballad of Gay Tony. A third police vehicle, the Police Stinger, does not bear the LCPD's signature blue-and-white livery but does bear the LCPD's logo. The Police Stinger is also not used by the LCPD officers in-game as a pursuit vehicle.

It should be noted that for the first time in the series, LCPD officers will not hesitate to commandeer civilian vehicles, should no police vehicles be available to them. If necessary, the LCPD will take any ground vehicle, regardless of its performance or speed. This means that if the player enters areas such as Francis International Airport, they may find themselves being pursued by an officer who has commandeered a Ripley or even an Airtug. They can also ride in the back of a police patrol or cruiser with other officers if there are no vehicles to drive.

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Weapons and other portable equipment

The LCPD Officers carry a range of equipment on their gun belts and in their cars. A collapsible baton is in place on the officers' gun belts, but the police officers do not utilize the weapon at all in-game. The baton is reinstated in the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars rendition of the LCPD. The Department-issue police firearm is the Pistol. This is used when making felony arrests, pursuing suspects, and in self-defense against a deadly threat. If a police officer is disarmed, they may resort to using their fists to defend themselves. If police officers are patrolling in a Police Cruiser or a Police Patrol (patrol vehicles always have two police officers onboard), and the suspect has a two-star wanted level or higher, fit police officers will carry the Pump Shotgun with eight shells in the magazine tube.

Police officers who are guarding high-security places such as the Statue of Happiness, Civilization Committee Headquarters, and the Rotterdam Tower will carry Carbines, which is a good deterrent of both terrorist activity and everyday crime. Police riflemen will also carry Carbines when riding a Maverick or Annihilator, though they can also use Advanced MGs for this purpose as evidenced in The Ballad of Gay Tony. When the suspect has a five-star wanted level or more, the LCPD will deploy snipers to shoot the player with Combat Snipers from some rooftops, specifically those in Chinatown and The Exchange. Combat Shotguns are also adopted by the department but are never seen in action. Instead, they remain inside their police cars, likely as a weapon for situations where a pistol will not be enough.

The LCPD officers also carry personal radios in order to report crimes and call for assistance and backup; they can sometimes be seen talking into them while patrolling, as can security guards.

Also, in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the LCPD was in a partnership with Ammu-Nation, in order to give away cash for old and/or used weapons of any type (all of those that appeared in the game) as shown in the game booklet.

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars


Artwork for the LCPD during game loading.

The uniforms of the LCPD resemble that of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Depending on the in-game weather, police officers on foot will wear different uniforms, such as a raincoat with LCPD in yellow at the back and a white hat cover. Officers in vehicles can wear any outfit type, but will always have a white hat cover. However, some police officers can wear a raincoat with a police hat that doesn't have a white hat cover. This is most apparent during scripted mission appearances such as Three-Leaf Clover. Officers at stations, most notably one inside the East Holland Police Station's helipad access stairway, can have this appearance as well. Officers at tollbooths may wear raincoats despite the in-game weather. Fit officers always display their shield-style badge on their left breast except when covered by a raincoat.

The uniforms of fit police officers are generally navy blue with black buttons and navy-blue shoes. Police officers can wear either a long-sleeve shirt with coat and tie, the same but without a coat, or a short-sleeve shirt with a long-sleeve black undershirt and no tie. Officers always wear peaked LCPD caps when on patrol. The tie clips of the police officers have "LCPD" engraved in the middle.

Overweight Police officers have similar but slightly different uniforms. Some may wear sky blue shirts, as opposed to navy blue shirts, paired with a weathered fleece-lined coat. This indicates that they are more seasoned and veteran police officers, as the sky blue color was issued by the NYPD in the 1970s till the late 1990s, and presumably so by the LCPD. Overweight officers shall also wear a navy blue uniform of the same style, with the coat being in visibly better shape. Neither version of the outfit has a badge displayed. Overweight officers shall also wear short-sleeve collared shirts with white undershirts, always in navy blue with a badge displayed. During rainy weather, Overweight officers shall wear raincoats when on foot with either light or navy blue collared shirts.

The Alderney State Troopers wear different uniforms from those of the Liberty City Police Department; this consists of a sky blue shirt, dark blue tie with triangular pin, swept-wing style French peaked cap with triangular badge, over-the-shoulder belt and holster and navy blue trousers with a yellow stripe on the side of each leg. Curiously, they may also wear an LCPD jacket and tie similar to those seen on fit LCPD officers but with ASP trousers and cap. The Alderney State Police's uniforms thus bear resemblance to those of the New Jersey State Police (NJSP); however, their police stations bear the LCPD logo and their vehicles have LCPD livery, most likely due to development time constraints.

Uniform Gallery

Beta Content

Cut Officer Types

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Female police officers

In GTA IV there were supposed to be female police officers. One can be spotted in the first GTA IV official trailer meaning they were cut late in development

Traffic Police Officers

In GTA IV there were supposed to be traffic police officers. One can be spotted in the second GTA IV official trailer meaning they were cut late in development. Strangely their model can still be found in the game as m_y_cop_traffic_01.wdd

Cut Equipment


In GTA IV the police officers were supposed to be armed with nightsticks as there are some quotes like You know where a nightstick goes?, I'm going to break this stick off in you!, Don't make me use my nightstick on your head!, I got 15 inches for you to suck on.

Cut Beta Content - Nightstick (29:20 - 29:35)
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Grand Theft Auto IV

The Liberty City Police Department website home page.

The database link at the bottom of the website page.

The in-game Internet features an official website for the LCPD, located at

Niko Bellic receives an email from Francis McReary to inform him about the website. If the player scrolls all the way to the bottom of the page and clicks on the small padlock icon, they can access the secret police database, listing dozens of characters from the game and their police records. A humorous detail about the site is that the LCPD haven't actually restricted the database to authorised people (with a password), but instead have a warning at the top of the page that it may only be used by the LCPD. The player can browse the site freely, including the restricted database section, as the site won't give any wanted level stars, unlike

The LCPD also set up a sting site known as, used to catch people attempting to access child pornography. If the website is interfaced, the player will immediately receive a five-star Wanted Level after logging off the computer.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

In GTA Chinatown Wars, the undercover officer Wade Heston's e-mail address is

LCPD Recruitment ingame TV Commercial

LCPD recruitment commerciala



Although the patch is based on the NYPD, it is clearly states that the LCPD is known for police brutality. In the middle of the patch, two Police Officers in riot gear are shown with batons dragging a man on the ground (this same design is seen on LSPD badges in GTA V). Below this, the scales of Justice are weighing a coffee cup and a doughnut. The Alderney State Police wear their own shoulder patches, similar to those of the NJSP; however, their vehicles and police stations reuse the LCPD patch.


  • Even though they are known for using lethal force, the LCPD is much more realistic in nature than its counterpart in GTA V; They will tolerate much of the player's actions; the player can even point a gun at an officer and the officer will not physically engage the player (although this will incur a one-star wanted level and incur a verbal reaction from the officer).
  • LSPD officers in GTA V have much more serious dialogue than LCPD officers and there are no overweight cops. Also, whereas LCPD officers in GTA IV usually arrest the NPC suspect, LSPD officers open fire upon them, and will draw their weapon on the player with little to no provocation.
File:LCPD blotter.jpg

The LCPD Blotter page.

  • The Alderney State Police serves Alderney, which is a separate state from that which Liberty City is in. The only differences between the LCPD and the ASP are the uniforms, dialogue and a lack of diverse officers. Also, ASP troopers are less likely to say goofy things and will even announce themselves as State Troopers to the player. LCPD billboards can also be found in Alderney.
  • There is an occasional glitch where if the player hits a police vehicle at very high speeds, the player will not gain a wanted star for an unknown reason. The occupants of the police vehicle will simply ignore the fact the player hits them.
  • The LCPD seems to have a very low and lethal tolerance for pedophiles, indicated by the five-star wanted level that is incurred when the player accesses
  • At the LCPD Station in East Holland, if the player enters the parking lot in the back and ascends the stairs up to the helipad, they can find three police officers surrounding a person lying down on the floor.
  • Fit officers wearing short-sleeved shirts are prominent on LCPD billboards and other advertising, however, only overweight officers will have this appearance, with other officers wearing a black long-sleeve undershirts underneath their uniform. It is likely that such officers appeared in the beta stages of the game, and it is possible to 'restore' these officers via modding the PC version.
  • On the beach in the northwestern corner of Bohan, the player can find a lone police officer standing next to a homeless person lying on the sand.
  • GTA IV is unique for letting the player be able to shoot or hit the gun out of an enemy's hands without killing them. When a police officer's pistol is shot off, they may flee or occasionally fight on unarmed. When any other weapon a police officer is wielding is shot off, they will pull out a pistol.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the police officers in helicopters are armed with Advanced MGs instead of Carbine Rifles.
  • Though there are only male police officers present in GTA IV, originally there were female police officers as well, as seen in the first Trailer.
  • Recruitment billboards can be found outside certain LCPD stations. It has a phone number on it saying 555-RECRUIT. It is possible to phone it, but nothing will happen.
  • The radios that the police officers carry along with them are unlimited in number: sometimes, they will drop it to the ground whenever they are done using it, but they will use another one if they need it again. The radios dropped by the police officers can be picked up by the player and they can be thrown as objects. Should a police officer contact or receive command through their radios for more than one time while on the same spot, the radios dropped by the police officer will end up flooding the ground. However, the police officers usually stick it in their pocket. The most efficient way to make them let the radio fall on the ground is to push them, thus making them use another one.
  • In GTA IV, whenever NPCs are arrested and escorted to a police vehicle (Police Cruiser or Police Patrol), the police officers in the police vehicle will usually drive the criminal NPC around town without making an effort to transport them to a Police Station. The criminal will eventually get off the police vehicle if something interrupts it (e.g. shooting) without even being treated as resisting arrest. The same happens with other emergency services, probably because they weren't programmed to do so.
  • In GTA IV, players can get NPC drivers arrested by a nearby police officer by attacking the NPCs' vehicles with their fist or a melee weapon (doing this does not gives the player any wanted level), causing the NPC drivers to get out of their vehicle, and attack the player which will cause the nearby police officers to take action against the NPC without having the player to retaliate at the NPC.
  • If the player goes to Vespucci University in Varsity Heights, Algonquin with five or six stars, they will find police officers on the roof shooting with PSG-1s. Similarly armed officers will spawn at the top of some other buildings during a five-or-six star wanted level.
  • In one of the loading screens of GTA IV, two LCPD officers are seen. One of them is carrying a SPAS-12 with a folded stock and the other is carrying an MP5A3. Neither of these two weapons is available for the player to use in the actual game but a variant of the MP5A3 called the MP-10 is available. The MP5 was seen being wielded by Niko in screenshots before the game was released, but was ultimately replaced by the MP-10.
  • Sometimes, if the player attains a one-star wanted level in front of a particular police officer (Known internally as MY CopBlack 2), he might say "and out comes Rosco!". This is a reference to The Dukes Of Hazzard, where the Hazzard County Sheriff is named Rosco P. Coltrane.
  • In an artwork (see above) of some LCPD officers, one police officer is firing a Desert Eagle and another one is holding a pistol that resembles the Beretta M9 This is inaccurate, as the Desert Eagle is never used by the LCPD, and the Beretta M9 is not seen in the game. This possibly means that the Desert Eagle might have originally been used by the police. A silenced version of the Beretta M9 was originally slated to be in the game, and Niko can be seen holding it in pre-release screenshots.
  • Slim police officers appear to be African-American, Latino (all versions) and Caucasian (Console only) in Grand Theft Auto IV. However, Alderney State Troopers are exclusively Caucasian; Furthermore, in Episodes from Liberty City, African-American and Latino officers are seemingly replaced by Asian-American and Caucasian ones (This is most likely due to some of the original LCPD character models having been reused as ASDOC officers). Overweight officers are either Caucasian (Joey) or African-American (1214) regardless of whether they appear in the original GTA IV or the episodes.
  • There is unused LCPD dialogue in the game files, ranging from loudspeaker quotes to idle dialgoue, however, it goes unused in the final game.
  • Some of the dialogue of one of the fit African-American police officers is audibly that of a Caucasian police officer.
  • Overweight police officers do not spawn by default in Alderney. Furthermore, they do not simultaneously spawn alongside slim officers; instead, the game will alternate between the two types of officers, something which is noticeable if surviving a wanted level for a prolonged period of time.
  • Usually, the overweight officers will only use their pistols, meaning that they do not equip Pump Shotguns when exiting a police vehicle nor do they wield a Carbine Rifle in areas where slimmer police officers would do so. However, if they are in a police helicopter or a Police Predator, they will use the Carbine Rifle (or the Advanced MG in The Ballad of Gay Tony) as normal. If a helicopter is disabled, overweight officers carrying Carbines will use them in a manner similar to NOOSE agents, such as walking sideways to cover while firing.
  • There was a model error afflicting all of the police officers in the game regardless of belonging to the LCPD or ASP; if an officer is driving a Police Cruiser or Police Patrol, his hat may disappear. Once he exits the car, the hat will reappear, though sometimes it won't. This was common to most pedestrians in the game as well as NIko, and appears to have been fixed for LCPD officers in the PC version of the game. However, officers assigned to borough and wanted level roadblocks, as well as to toll booths lack hats as a default appearance. Alderney State Troopers continue to lack hats when inside a vehicle.
  • In the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA V, the LCPD Computer appears in the Interceptor. Similarly, a glitch happened with the Vapid Stainer in GTA V (The civilian version of IV's Police Cruiser), which had a floating black-and-white LCPD computer still visible in the interior, as the vehicle was carried over from GTA IV. This computer is omitted in the enhanced version, and may have been a leftover from early Vigilante mission development.
  • Contrary to the LCPD, ASP officers can be found much more often on Alderney's highways than the LCPD on LC's highways, referencing their nature as Highway Patrol/State Police.
  • In the Spanish version of GTA IV, LCPD officers and the whole department overall are called "la pasma" as well as "maderos" by the characters, these are all referencing the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (the national and main police department in Spain) as well as some other police departments in Madrid, Spain.
  • When the officers are shouting through the megaphone during a chase, the police sirens will go off until the officer stops talking.
  • As seen in the instruction manual for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the LCPD is running a "GUNS FOR CA$H" [sic] amnesty program that implores people to hand in used weapons in return for cash money. Humorously, the same page for the amnesty invites those reading it to log onto and purchase new, military-grade weaponry after handing in their original weapons, which defeats the purpose of the program.
  • If the player hits a civilian's car next to a police car, the officer inside may report the accident, saying things like "MVA at my location" or "We've got an accident here".
  • The LCPD is unique for continuing to shoot the player, even if he's Wasted, however, they may hold their fire on rare occasions.
  • The vehicles the LCPD use in GTA IV and its episodes have a true-to-life blue and white livery, but in GTA Chinatown Wars, the livery is black and white. This is to make them easier to recognize as police vehicles in the game's top-down interface.
  • When boarding a Train to flee a wanted level, officers may request that the dispatcher alerts "Transit PD", in order to intercept the player while on the train. While no such agency appears in the game, signs at the Alderney City Ferry Terminal mention the "L.C.T.P.D."- presumably a Liberty City analogue for the New York City Transit Police. These signs are most apparent in Eddie Low's first encounter. Alderney State Troopers have similar dialogue, but it goes unused due the lack of a functional rail system in Alderney.

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